Asbestos alarm after fire in warehouse

Asbestos alarm after fire in warehouse

According to the police, all vehicles are being hosed down with water at a lock leading to the affected industrial area to prevent the dust from spreading further. Measurements had shown that the fallen rubble contained asbestos dust.

According to the city, it is not dangerous to stay indoors or outdoors. As a precaution, however, gardens, playgrounds and sports fields should not be entered. The city is looking for a specialist company to clean the affected areas.

It was fine-fibered asbestos, which had been swirled in small pieces, the city said. As long as these pieces were not touched or moved, there was no danger. In the area concerned there is a shopping center, a sports hall, a public soccer field, a shrine garden and other businesses.

The fire in the warehouse had broken out on Saturday night. According to the police, the flames were several meters high and deflagrations could be heard. A cloud of smoke had drifted over the rhine to the city center.

After initial measurements by the fire department, the police initially assumed that there was no health risk to the public. Only after the fire had been extinguished did experts from the fire department and the environmental agency discover the asbestos in the roof of the warehouse. Renewed measurements had then detected asbestos dust in the rub that had fallen down.

The warehouse housed a reptile store, a computer company, a food store and a plastic company. The cause of the fire was initially unclear on Saturday.


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