Fewer unemployed in bavaria – aigner sees “positive underlying mood

Fewer unemployed in bavaria - aigner sees

Thanks to the autumn upswing, the number of unemployed in bavaria fell in october. 242.494 people were registered as unemployed in the free state, that's 11.070 fewer than in september. The figures show a slight economic upturn, said ralf holtzwart, head of the regional directorate of the federal employment agency, in nurnberg on wednesday. "Young people in particular are benefiting from the positive trend."
The unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, 0.1 points lower than in the previous month. However, 11.026 more people out of work than in october 2012. At that time, the unemployment rate was 3.4 percent.

Demand for labor is rising in bavaria, registered the new economics minister ilse aigner (CSU). "This underscores the positive mood of entrepreneurs in the state and their optimistic expectations for 2014." entrepreneurs believe that the unemployment rate will continue to fall let's say: "given business-friendly conditions, i believe that a two before the decimal point is feasible in bavaria in the medium term", said bertram brossardt, executive vice president of the association of bavarian businesses.

Pensioner shoots district administrator over threat of eviction

Pensioner shoots district administrator over threat of eviction

This was announced by the police in hameln on monday. The 74-year-old shot district administrator rudiger butte (SPD) in his office on friday and then killed himself with a revolver.

In addition to the loss of the house, the 74-year-old had been threatened with further foreclosures and the revocation of his driver’s license. This is the result of the analysis of the correspondence found in the house of the pensioner. In the letterhead of all official letters of the district of hameln-pyrmont, the district administrator had stated. Instead of individual clerks, the pensioner may therefore have directed his anger at butte. "The totality of the events will have driven him to do the deed," said a police spokesman.

Israel’s president commissions netanyahu to form government

Israel's president commissions netanyahu to form government

Just over a week after the election in israel, president reuven rivlin has once again appointed the right-wing conservative prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a government.

Rivlin officially gave him the mandate on wednesday evening in his official residence in jerusalem. "I accept the task," said netanyahu. He called for the rapid formation of a broad unity government. Negotiations to form a rough coalition of netanyahu’s likud with the opposition center alliance of ex-military chief benny gantz had failed earlier, however. If netanyahu does not succeed in forming a government, new elections are likely within a few months.

Rotary helps locally and internationally

Rotary helps locally and internationally

More than 25.000 euro: the rotary club kitzingen was able to hand over a handsome donation sum to two donation recipients at the beginning of july. The money benefits people in kitzingen and the philippines.

Peter-michael himmel can easily smile for the photo: he can be more than satisfied with the donations that were collected for "his" project. Himmel is this year’s president of the rotary club kitzingen and was allowed to decide where the donations, which were collected at the traditional soiree at the beginning of the year, will go to. He had decided in advance for the new housing project of the lebenshilfe kitzingen and could now, together with gunter kittel, hand over a big check to lebenshilfe managing director manfred markert and the chairman of the board karl-heinz rebitzer. Over 11.000 euros in donations were collected at the soiree. The club added a little extra, so that the total contribution was 11,000 euros.111.11 euros was collected. "This represents a new record sum for the soiree," the club president is pleased to announce.