Autumn concert for the soul

Autumn concert for the soul

Just switch off, and let the soul dangle to familiar melodies. With these main ideas the blaservereinigung markt burkardroth organizes on sunday, 11.October at 14 o’clock an autumn concert on the gerberwiese (next to the church) in burkardroth a. In addition to traditional pieces of wind music literature, the program of the local music society also includes songs by udo jurgens, elvis presley and the dead pants. With the lockdown in the spring, making music together and thus the rehearsal of the club had become impossible. Even firmly scheduled events such as the spring concert or the annual saale musicum at the music pavilion have also had to be cancelled.

After a three-month break, the musicians were at least able to resume the longed-for rehearsals at the end of june. The more than 50 active musicians received support from the market in burkardroth. The empty old school in the village of wollbach has been converted into a new, temporary rehearsal room. A big group needs a big room to play music in the framework of a special hygiene concept. "We are grateful to have quickly found an uncomplicated solution that does not have to exclude musicians because of space problems." Said chairman florian kirchner.

With the concert on the gerberwiese, the musicians are pleased to be able to present the results of a somewhat unusual rehearsal to an audience for the first time. Of course, all the necessary protective and hygienic measures are being prepared by the association. Among other things, fixed seats with the necessary safety distance of 1.5 meters are provided in the audience. Names and telephone numbers of visitors must be documented at the entrance to ensure that chains of infection can be traced. Admission is free.


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