Bavarian craftsmen’s day: mood is good

The dark clouds have cleared: although the bavarian skilled trades sector suffered a slight drop in sales in the first half of 2013, mainly due to the long winter and the associated delays in the construction sector. But things were already looking up in the second half of the year, and the forecasts for 2014 are also glowing. "If the skilled trades can't complain, that means something", says the president of the bavarian crafts council, heinrich traublinger, with a wink in coburg on friday. "If we were to complain now, it would be at a high level!"

The good situation is due to the "concrete gold". Because there is currently a lot of investment in real estate, the mood in the main construction trade is "excellent and the order stocks "comfortably. But in the food sector, too, there was little to complain about, because the burghers were once again attaching importance to regional foodstuffs.

Campaign for young talent extended
Traublinger is somewhat concerned about the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector: "across bavaria, there are currently three times as many vacancies as jobseekers." This was one of the reasons why the handwerkstag decided at its meeting in coburg to continue the "macher gesucht" campaign for young people!" To verlangern. The goal, according to managing director lothar semper, is to inspire young people to take up the skilled trades. Or: "rattling is part of the trade!"

But rattling alone is not enough in upper franconia. Thomas zimmer, president of the upper franconian chamber of trade and commerce, and his managing director, thomas koller, focus on structural problems. A good 70 percent of the next generation of craftsmen come from secondary schools; in upper franconia, however, the number of elementary and secondary school students has risen from 75 percent to 50 percent over the past ten years. 000 to 49. 000 shrunk – tendency: still further shrinking. Zimmer and koller therefore do not want to rely solely on image campaigns, but are specifically looking for dialogue with young people.

Realschule students also targeted
At the press conference in coburg, they talk about job fairs, trade mentors, training advisors and the creation of a facebook page. "We must speak the language of young people", emphasizes zimmer "we must emphasize the performance of the skilled crafts", added koller. And as much as "strong middle schools" continue to be desired so much must be done to attract real-estate schoolchildren.

Traublinger, on the other hand, is currently also concerned about the future federal and bavarian governments. "No tax increases, is his central demand. And: "business assets must be largely spared from inheritance tax." In addition, in the course of the energy turnaround and rising electricity costs, not only large companies were allowed to be relieved, but also trades and small and medium-sized businesses. In bavaria, traublinger is relying on the new economics minister ilse aigner (CSU), who comes from a family of craftsmen.


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