Lichtenfels pilots lurk in midfield of the bundesliga

Lichtenfels pilots lurk in midfield of the bundesliga

Ten of 19 rounds of the season in the national gliding league have been completed. The lichtenfels team is currently lurking in the midfield in 11th place overall. In the overall ranking, LSG bayreuth leads ahead of LSR aalen and LSV burgdorf. The U25 juniors of the aeroclub are surprisingly on top of the table after a round win ahead of FG oerlinghausen and SFZ konigsdorf.

The tenth round brought usable flying conditions again after the weak results before, even if the weather situation was very complicated and hardly predictable for the pilots. With the hot temperatures the risk of thunderstorms was very high. Already early in the day there were first showers in the low mountains. Together with the strong easterly wind only a narrow, well flyable strip from the fichtelgebirge to the edge of the spessart remained.

Michelin: power plant to be kept in operation

With an energy utilization plan (ENP), the city of hallstadt is preparing the further use of the power plant with combined heat and power (CHP) on the land of the michelin group. The bavarian state ministry for economics, regional development and energy demands the ENP with 77 800 euro, announces the city of hallstadt.

"In the future, the cogeneration plant will be able to supply companies that set up there with heat and process steam at favorable prices and will thus become an advantage for the location", bavarian minister of economics hubert aiwanger explains. He praised the high level of commitment of all those involved and thanked mayor thomas soder when he handed over the demand notice in munich. "After numerous talks with michelin and political decision-makers, this first demand notice has an important signal effect for our city. We will continue to maintain close contact with the bavarian ministry of economic affairs and involve it in possible new settlements", the mayor was very pleased.

“Rolland”, the intelligent wheelchair

Getting a picture of what you’ll look like in 70 or 80 years. How does aging feel? What does a city for every age look like?? Living in retirement. These are just a few of the topics and questions that will be addressed starting this monday, 19. August, until wednesday, 21. August, answers. Then the exhibition ship "MS wissenschaft" moors at the jetty in kitzingen.

Since april, the converted cargo ship has been traveling on canals and rivers, visiting 40 towns in germany and austria. The exhibition is entitled "all generations in one boat – shaping demographic change together". This is also the topic of the science year 2013. The floating "science center" with its 600 square meters of exhibition space is considered the high point of the respective science years, ever since it was first commissioned by the university of bremen in 2002.

Us economy continues to cool

uS economy continues to cool

Among other things, lukewarm consumption is to blame, the U.S. Department of commerce announced in an initial estimate on friday in washington. Growth was still a revised 2.0 percent in the first three months, down from a revised 4.1 percent (previously: 3.0 percent) in the final quarter of 2011.

However, experts had expected an even sharper slowdown in the second quarter of 2012. They had expected a growth rate of only 1.4 percent.

Gruesome find: skeleton in the prison of the castle tower

gruesome find: skeleton in the prison of the castle tower

It is the story of a prisoner who must have lain in the dungeon of the castle tower for half a century. This is what emerges from the minutes of a council meeting. At that time, the spanish war of succession (1701-1714) was in progress and the danger of a french or bavarian invasion was growing for herzogenaurach.

On 12. January 1704 a letter was sent from the general of forchheim to the amtmann of herzogenaurach, according to which single boys as well as the bulwark diggers should be sent to forchheim.

Bgh ruling: 15 euros for an account statement is too much

Bgh ruling: 15 euros for an account statement is too much

The commerzbank’s revision was rejected. The second-largest german bank has so far charged 15 euros for a statement of account that is long overdue.

For the federal association of consumer advice centers (vzbv), attorney peter wassermann affirmed in the hearing before the federal court of justice the view that most customers were charged excessive fees by the bank. More than 80 percent of the cases involved account statements up to six months old. And the actual costs for the bank of 10.24 euros were significantly lower than the demanded fee. Here "the mass of the case is burdened with excessive costs and that is not in the sense of the legal regulation," said the lawyer.

Father’s day in corona crisis: here beer and bollerwagen ban applies

On thursday (21. May 2020) is "christi himmelfahrt. Many people know the german holiday as father's day – beer and wagons are part of many hikes. To move around with a group of several friends is not allowed this year anyway because of the corona decreases. The city of bremen, however, now reduces the joy of the day by further restrictions.

According to the report, guesthouses in the hanseatic city are allowed to open their doors and also make their outdoor areas accessible to guests in accordance with infection control regulations. An auber-haus sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind, however, is prohibited, it says in a published release of the press office of the senate. The promotion is valid from 8 a.M. To 10 p.M. On thursday.

“Earth hour” sets a sign with darkness

In many places around the world on saturday at 20 o'clock sharp there will be.30 local time the lights went out. To the 13. For the first time, the environmental organization WWF proclaimed "earth hour" and thousands of cities turned out the lights on famous landmarks.

The first to go was the island state of samoa – by 7.30 in the morning german time. Bringing up the rear were the cook islands and french polynesia. With this annual campaign, which has been taking place since 2007, the participants want to set an example for more climate and environmental protection. Private individuals were also asked to do without light in their houses and apartments.

At donsenhaug, the theme of “relationships” prevails

At donsenhaug, the theme of 'relationships' prevails

The beautiful musical setting with iris ferenz on the piano, accompanied by ilka friedel on the transverse flute, was also a perfect match. The laudatory speech was held by eva warmuth, herself a visual artist who is now known far beyond the region and is virtually predestined for such tasks. Both women are not "young jumpers more, warmuth amused the audience.

Both had a rich life with diverse experiences as a basis for their respective artistic expression. "Karin hacker’s painting jumps straight into the eye, her colors sometimes even want to jump the theme of the canvas, are a direct expression of spontaneity" warmuth said.

Brawl in the city center – actors also threaten the police officers

It had come in the night to sunday shortly after midnight in the hochstadter city center to a firm argument under foreign mitburgern.

For investigative reasons, the police only now announced that a witness had phoned in to report a brawl in front of a restaurant in the vogelseck area. Immediately afterwards, the caller hung up immediately.