Fewer unemployed in bavaria – aigner sees “positive underlying mood

Fewer unemployed in bavaria - aigner sees

Thanks to the autumn upswing, the number of unemployed in bavaria fell in october. 242.494 people were registered as unemployed in the free state, that's 11.070 fewer than in september. The figures show a slight economic upturn, said ralf holtzwart, head of the regional directorate of the federal employment agency, in nurnberg on wednesday. "Young people in particular are benefiting from the positive trend."
The unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, 0.1 points lower than in the previous month. However, 11.026 more people out of work than in october 2012. At that time, the unemployment rate was 3.4 percent.

Demand for labor is rising in bavaria, registered the new economics minister ilse aigner (CSU). "This underscores the positive mood of entrepreneurs in the state and their optimistic expectations for 2014." entrepreneurs believe that the unemployment rate will continue to fall let's say: "given business-friendly conditions, i believe that a two before the decimal point is feasible in bavaria in the medium term", said bertram brossardt, executive vice president of the association of bavarian businesses.