Juncker faces political end

Juncker faces political end

On tuesday they met for preliminary talks on a three-party alliance. On monday evening, they had already agreed in principle on a coalition that would come to 32 of 60 seats in the luxembourg parliament.

The red-blue-green "gambia" coalition (in luxembourg, the liberals are the blues) marked the end of juncker’s 18-year term in office. The alliance is "a historic opportunity," said the leader of the liberal democratic party (DP), xavier bettel (40), who is being considered as a possible new prime minister. "I think it can’t hurt to have a breath of fresh air in luxembourg."

Juncker’s christian social people’s party (CSV) emerged from sunday’s parliamentary elections as the strongest party with 33.7 percent of the vote (2009: 38 percent). But she needed a partner to rule. CSV president michel wolter stressed that a solid two-party coalition would also have been possible. One regrets that one was not brought at all into the boat.

A three-party coalition does not respect the electorate’s wishes. If it comes to the alliance, one will move with raised head into the opposition, it hailed.

Wolter said the tripartite alliance had been "prepared long ago". He had already warned against such a coalition during the election campaign. But this was dismissed as a "pipe dream". Juncker had claimed "the right to lead in this country" for his party after the election. CSV has 23 seats, liberals and social democrats have 13 seats each.

According to the LSAP’s leading candidate, etienne schneider, the political trio could "modernize and dynamize the country". First talks on monday evening had shown that an agreement on the content was possible. "We have to see if we can come to a positive end in negotiations," he said.

A "gambia coalition" would be a historic moment for luxembourg: for the first time since the social-liberal government of 1974-1979, the strongest party would end up in the opposition. Moreover, it was the first time in the post-war period that luxembourg was governed by more than two parties.

On tuesday, all party presidents had called on luxembourg’s head of state, grand duke henri. Bettel proposed to him the three-way coalition. The grand duke must now appoint a politician to form the government – with an eye to the prospects of success. It is also possible that the head of state appoints an "informateur" before the "formateur", who first sounds out the political situation. A decision is expected this week.


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