Kiebling defends himself: “i do not know how he is pure”

Kiebling defends himself: 'I do not know how he is pure'

Stefan kiebling doesn’t want to be made the bogeyman of the nation after his "phantom goal.

Before the 160. Bayer leverkusen’s european cup appearance with the important champions league match against shakhtjor donezk on wednesday, the fubball bundesliga team’s goalkeeper hopes that all the hype surrounding him will die down a bit. "All the criticism that came my way is pretty harsh. Everyone insinuates that I saw that and had to say that," the goalkeeper of bundesliga soccer team bayer leverkusen said on the club’s own bayer 04 TV.

The 29-year-old stressed once again that he did not see exactly what happened in the scene. "In the stadium 30 000 people did not see it. I belong to it. I saw the ball fly toward the pine tree net, but i didn’t see the impact," said kiebling. He also told the referee felix brych: "i told him i don’t know how he is pure."

Kiebling affirmed that he had admitted when he had seen it. "If it had been like that, i would have been the last one not to say that the ball went through such a stupid hole". He gets understanding in the circle of his teammates. "The whole team is behind me. That feels good, they know what it’s like inside me," kiebling said. Coach sami hyypia stressed that the whole story would certainly have no influence on the match against donezk. "The matter is discussed. There is no one on the team who still wants to discuss it."

Under the bayer-cross, after all the discussions, people are trying to focus on the encounter against the ukrainians. "We couldn’t think about that funny goal anymore. The game against donezk is too important," said goalkeeper bernd leno. In the fight for entry into the next round, the ukrainians are the strongest competitor. "This is a team with individual quality and many position changes in the attack. We have to defend well," demanded leverkusen coach.

With three points, bayer is only one behind schachtjor and, with another home win after the 2-1 against real sociedad san sebastian, had a good starting position for the return match in two weeks’ time. "These home games in the champions league are of very great importance. It’s extremely important to get the three points," said leno.

At least in the group stage of the champions league, leverkusen has not lost a home game in more than ten years, defeating top teams such as real madrid, FC chelsea, AS rom and FC valencia. But in the 160. Bayer faces difficult task in european cup match against team from eastern ukraine with several brazilians. "They have a top team, we have to watch out holland. This isn’t the first time they’ve played in the champions league," said leno.

Coach hyypia has to do without lars bender. The national player has a torn muscle in his thigh and was unable to train with the team on tuesday. Sebastian boenisch is back after a break from training due to tooth problems. However, the bayer coach may change the left-back position and give preference to U21 international emre can. South korean heung-min son also returns to the team after taking a break in the 2-1 win at hoffenheim.


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