Network agency head homann: increase in network fees stopped

network agency head homann: increase in network fees stopped

For the time being, many electricity customers in germany do not have to expect any additional burdens, at least not in terms of network costs.

"The network fees for the consumer will practically not increase in the coming year in many areas," the president of the federal network agency, jochen homann, told the german press agency. However, the trend is not uniform: "in some regions there will be an increase, in others they will fall."

Electricity transmission charges have risen significantly overall in recent years. They account for almost a quarter of the electricity price. Of the almost 30 cents per kilowatt hour paid on average for consumption of between 2,500 and 5,000 kilowatt hours per year, more than 7 cents is now accounted for by network charges.

Grid fees to fall in some regions as early as 2018. According to homann, one of the reasons for this was lower spending on the so-called avoided network charges. "That’s where the exit has been made," he said. Distribution grid operators pay avoided grid fees to local electricity producers. The original assumption that decentralized power generation avoids grid costs has since been proven largely wrong. That is why the corresponding payments have been frozen.

In addition, the planned nationwide distribution of costs for the major transmission networks will provide relief in individual regions. "You can’t explain that a region that happens to get one of the high-voltage lines has to finance it and others don’t get a share of it," homann explained.

Currently, grid fees vary from region to region. The highest rates are in the countryside, especially in the new federal states and northern germany. From the year 2023, they are to be the same everywhere in germany.


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