Panic in london: corrosive substance spilled in shopping center

Six people were injured with an acidic substance during a fight in a london shopping center.

Three of the victims had to be treated in hospital on saturday evening. Police arrested a 15-year-old boy. Scotland yard ruled out terrorist attack. No one's life was endangered.

Eyewitnesses said that the attack was preceded by a heated argument between two groups of youths. People ran away in panic. The victims tried desperately to wash out their wounds with water until the rescuers arrived.

Police officers assume acid attack

The incident occurred shortly before 21.00 a.M. (CEST) in the east of the capital, not far from the olympic park. Police officers at the scene assumed it was an acid attack.

Always a "face-melter-attacks in london

In recent months, there have been a series of attacks with corrosive substances in london, including robberies. British youth gangs call such fluencies "face melters. Police recorded a total of 224 such attacks in 2016 alone. In great britain such aggressive substances are relatively easy and cheap to obtain.


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