“Prime example of democracy”

Since the year 2007 there is the europatag. At that time germany held the eu presidency and chancellor angela merkel initiated the day to get young people interested in the european union. She wanted to introduce children and young people to the european idea of peace, joy, freedom and brotherhood. This week, teachers and students at the wallburg-realschule in eltmann were eager to dedicate a morning to the theme of "europe to shape.

With an eye to the election

Europe day is actually celebrated every year on 9. May, but due to the european elections, the project day was postponed to 25 may. March brought forward. 2019 has a special weight not only because of the election, but it is also the year of 30. Anniversary of the peaceful fall of the "iron curtain.

The individual grades approached the concept of europe in their respective subjects in very different ways. The topics ranged from the confrontation with the greek saga around "europe up to the europe anthem, which was also sung. The painting with the flags of the individual member states was impressive; it created a colorful, interconnected europe.

Last but not least, the numerous benefits that europe brings to the individual were also highlighted. Slogans on european maps were something like: "europe is a europe to join", "europe is the model of democracy in the world", "no border controls in europe", "EU secures trade with other countries", "EU fights terror and "the EU supports weak regions". That’s why the realschuleers came to the conclusion that the european elections are important and that their outcome will be important for the future of the eu.

All agreed that the project "europatag" was a success was a profitable day for all, where even the teachers could learn something.


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