Protest against neo-nazi march in frankfurt

Protest against neo-Nazi march in frankfurt

More than 600 citizens blocked the city center for the neo-nazis with their rallies on saturday. The police were on duty with 1000 officers. Nearly 180 right-wing extremists had gathered.

"The right-wing extremists have been marginalized. They could only move around the city by side roads and sneaky paths. That’s exactly where they belong," said mayor martin wilke (no party affiliation). Police say no arrests made this evening. Except for minor scuffles, it remained peaceful. The officers did not take any action against the blockades.

A coalition of germans and poles had called for the protests. Students, unions, churches, parties and the jewish community in frankfurt (oder) followed suit. The actions were directed against the anti-european procession of a right-wing comradeship.

Finance minister helmuth markov (left) said the demonstrators had shown a lot of civil courage. "Nationalism has no place here. This is what we showed today." Labor minister gunter baaske (SPD) also took part in the protests. "Frankfurt (or) is for us a bridge of peaceful europe", no place should be left to young or old nazis, he said.

On saturday morning, there was a scuffle between left-wingers and right-wingers at the furstenwalde train station. A group of masked right-wing radicals waiting for the train attacked with fence slats. According to the police, at least one neo-nazi was injured in the head in the process. The attackers were able to escape.


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