Reading in the center

The school festival at the friedrich baur elementary school in burgkunstadt was also very well received this year. It was also the highlight of the project week, which had the theme of reading. With the percussion music of cajuns, the children entered the playground. The children drew attention to the project by joining letters together. "If you want to see hard-working readers, you have to go to the elementary school in burgkunstadt" the children played.

Principal susi kraub spoke of an eventful and busy week during her welcoming speech. Reading is like cinema for the head, like dreams with open eyes, she said, and went one step further: "reading is a great miracle". Reading opens new horizons, makes it possible to understand texts and to distinguish between true and false claims. Learning this skill, kraub said, should be the focus of all school types.

In the language workshop

Even for children who are afraid could prove themselves. Nicole dorsch was at the school with her four-legged companion luna, and the children were allowed to read to the dog, whose calm nature quickly had an effect on the children. In addition, there was a language workshop and in the marchenstube, marchen were read aloud and in some cases acted out. So the story of rapunzel became a real adventure for the pre-school children.

The sound stories were also very well done. Class 3B read a story about the school ghosts in the haunted school and loved to bring them to life by making noise. The questions asked about the stories and other topics in the classrooms were interesting. At each station there was a stamp for the children for answering a question. At the end, with six or more stamps achieved, these children took part in a rough raffle.


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