Thereser glass art in melbourne

Thereser glass art in melbourne

Ulrike langer "you don’t get an offer like this every day." Master art glassblower olaf schonherr from untertheres is pleased. "So for me to be able to exhibit some of my latest artwork in australia is something quite extraordinary." That he currently does.

Olaf schonherr was one of two german artists selected by the "red moon contemporary art glass gallery", a gallery for contemporary glass art in melbourne, asked to exhibit nine works of art at the international exhibition "perspective to show. At the exhibition, which will be open until 10. July runs, 18 artists from all over the world exhibit their works. "You have selected nine objects from my work this year", reports olaf schonherr, for whom the invitation is also special because the gallery is a leader in lampblown glass.

The conig discipline

Schonherr has made a name for himself not only with this technique, but above all with the technique of overfishing. He succeeded in bringing this royal discipline of glassmaking in front of the blowing lamp and to develop it further. He creates on the one hand a dark colored glass layer on a different colored base glass and on the other hand he applies dark foils on the finished object, which are used for later sculptural decoration.

These structured laminated glass overlays represent a kind of quantum leap in the history of lamp-blown glass, which was first presented in 2001 at the 29th international exhibition of lamp-blown glass. The company was honored with a diploma and a silver medal at the 4th international inventors’ fair and was patented in 2004.

Olaf schonherr is showing the two sculpture groups "djinn and lilith" in melbourne and "diamonds and rust as well as two fabes with the title "green matter" as a lamp-blown glass in the technique of overlaying glass. These works can be classified as free or fine arts.

In addition, the sculpture group "devil’s rendezvous" has been added in the thread glass technique, in which olaf schonherr pushed the limits of what was possible, and a figurative rhinoceros was selected. Whereby schonherr is already very well known in the international glass art scene with objects in thread glass technique.

The artist, who comes from thuringia, hopes that the exhibition in melbourne will generate further synergy effects. Olaf schonherr, who is also a member of the master craftsmen’s examination committee for art glass lasers in germany, is already teaching master craftsmen how to work in the field. "Maybe the exhibition in australia will enable me to hold more training courses", he hopes.


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