This is how bunches of flowers stay fresh the longest

This is how bunches of flowers stay fresh the longest

The gardeners are waiting today with a particularly coarse variety of flowering plants. Flowers are at the top of their gift lists on valentine's day, who want to convey their affection and love. Tulips can be tied into colorful bunches in many colors. The lower leaves are simply torn away before being placed in the vase, as they can cause rot in the water.

The continuous long growth of the tulips in the vase is reduced by a small slow cut in the stem underneath the blood. Even a prick with a needle at this point has an effect. Tulips grow crookedly upwards if left horizontally for too long during transport or at home.

Arrange stems loosely in vase

After cutting the bunch, the individual bleeds and the stems must not be too close together. They are therefore loosely arranged in the vase. Small biedermeier bunches from the nursery, however, remain tied together. You should not only look into the blood goblets, but also smell the blood

. Daffodils have a very intense scent and brighten up a dull atmosphere in winter with their bright colors. The color yellow symbolizes sunlight and realization. It is also a sign of warmth. But yellow also stands for alertness and creativity.


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