Towing and swearing in the french

Towing and swearing in the french

In the past martin landeck trusted a map. Since the 47-year-old has been cycling a lot in francophone switzerland, that has changed. "They just put up a sign for a bicycle lane, and then they say, "well, go ahead, the pretzfelder argues.
Not all cycle paths are the same. Sign or not. And in reality things look quite different. "The network of bicycle paths is as full of holes as a swiss cheese", finds landeck, who avoids stretches where the "bike path" is suddenly merging into a busy road.
Right away he can think of a few "rough holes" in the network of cycle paths. "For example between kirchehrenbach and gosberg. With the bicycle it is there the holle." From ebermannstadt via pretzfeld to kirchehrenbach one could still ride off the road. "After that, in the direction of gosberg, it's suddenly over before wiesenthau," says hofstatter, says the passionate cyclist. Unfortunately, there are always many cars, motorcycles and trucks on the main traffic route. On the way from pretzfeld to the trubach valley, cyclists also experience several unpleasant surprises.
"From pretzfeld to hagenbach you can still ride on the bike path. Shortly before wannbach, you end up halay on a gravel road." The journey continues on the wire donkey to oberzaunsbach. In schweinthal, the cyclist has to switch back to the street. "From schweinthal to egloffstein, there is once again a short stretch of cycle path to mostviel."
From mostviel to egloffstein there is a bike path sign, but it is more of a trail. "I'd rather stay on the road. I don't want to run over the hikers either." Then, from hammermuhle onwards, it was once again possible to ride relaxed and carefree on the old road for a short time. But the spab was only short-lived. "Before you reach untertrubach you have to cross the county road and after wolfsberg there is no way at all", martin landeck continues. There are signs in the countryside, but you can't find a real, continuous cycle path. The biggest obstacle to carefree cycling in the french is the needle's ear in the meadow valley. Martin landeck has stopped on the bumpy cycle path behind muggendorf and looks down on the narrow valley. "That rock there – they can't blow it away. And then the many cars on the weekend, which are passing through here. Not to forget the motorcyclists, who often do not pay attention to the road." Landeck itself has no problems on the stony cycle path in the direction of behringersmuhle. That's exactly why he rides a mountain bike, to be prepared for such surprises – like the sudden change from smooth asphalt to rough ground. Cyclists with dark tires were allowed here of course the fahrspab to pass by. "Behind behringersmuhle is the end for cyclists", says martin landeck. After all, he does not have a zest for life.
Sure, the way to bayreuth is beautiful, but unfortunately too dangerous for cycling.
How to get rid of this needle's ear in the french language? Even martin landeck did not know what to do. But when it comes to the smaller holes in the kase, the 47-year-old from pretzfeld is already hoping that something will finally be done about it. Of course he also knows that the communities have no money. "Then the country has to do something." Or you have to save on the costs. After all, taxpayers can't see why every kilometer of newly built bike path has to cost millions. Then it is logical that the extension of the cycle paths will still take an eternity.
Because martin landeck often argues about the bad paths when he cycles with his wife, he would like to know why so little progress is being made on the subject of seamless cycle paths.

"At most grade 3"

Landrat reinhardt glauber (freie wahler ) gives the cycle paths in french switzerland "at most a grade of 3. The existing cycle paths are well developed. "But there is a lack of bridges, especially in the wiesent valley." Although there is now a cycle path from forchheim to the gobweinstein train station, the path still runs along a field path as far as behringersmuhle. Glauber is counting on the construction of a new cycle path to tuchersfeld as early as next year in order to at least shorten the gap in the cycle route between forchheim and bayreuth.

New highway for wire donors

Last weekend, a 2.7-kilometer-long cycle path between waischenfeld and nankendorf was inaugurated in order to gradually come closer to this rough goal. This new section of the route is part of the cycle path plan for francophone switzerland. At the inauguration ceremony for the two-million-euro bike path in waischenfeld, interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) announced that construction work on additional bike paths between waischenfeld and doos and doos and behringersmuhle would begin as early as next year. District administrator reinhardt glauber refers, for example, to the new construction of a bicycle path to schlammersdorf. The short route is intended to become a safe access route for locals and tourists who use their pedal mules to reach the popular beer cellars around the kreuzberg.
From gosberg via wiesenthau to kirchehrenbach, on the other hand, nothing has progressed for years. A "never-ending story, glauber judges. Reason? A neighbor is unwilling to sell the land. At another location, the railroad, the municipality and the farmers had to agree on a route. Martin landeck finds this sad. Especially around gosberg, the traffic is "frightening" on some days. Therefore he avoids the area with the bicycle. In the trubach valley, on the other hand, martin landeck will soon be able to look forward to a new route for his steed.
Andreas eisgruber from the bamberg state construction office says his department is working on a solution in the trubach valley to close the existing gaps between schweinthal and apfelbach, as well as mostviel and egloffstein, with new bike paths. The existing hiking trails should be expanded for this purpose. In general, there has been a change in thinking about bike paths since 2009 – also in his tram construction office.


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