Old wine, new hoses: “fr” to remain independent

Old wine, new hoses: 'fr' to remain independent

Although the profile and scope of the publication are to be largely retained, the structure of the editorial team will be changed under the new ownership, as will the staff. Furthermore, the "frankfurter rundschau" ("FR") is to appear as an independent and left-liberal newspaper, promised the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" gmbh ("FAZ") and the frankfurter societat gmbh as new investors. Both had reached agreement with the insolvency administration on the purchase price on thursday night. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

The downside of the newspaper deal is that, despite the secure future, most of the company’s 450 employees will have to leave. Only 28 employees are taken over to form the core of the new team as the main editorial office in frankfurt. The takeover could also cost jobs at berliner verlag, if the "frankfurter rundschau" there drops out of joint jacket production in three months, as planned so far.

Tens of thousands protest against “rent madness” in cities

Tens of thousands protest against 'rent madness' in cities

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in several german cities in displeasure over rising rents. Most demonstrators gathered at the nationwide protest day in berlin, where in some parts of the city there are hardly any affordable apartments left on offer.

In the capital, an unprecedented petition for a referendum on the expropriation of large housing corporations began at the same time.

Firefighters perform rescue operations in a helicopter crash

firefighters perform rescue operations in a helicopter crash

Word quickly spread via facebook that the gauaschach fire department had devised a helicopter crash as a scenario to mark its 140th anniversary. So fire departments from the werngrund and for example also some comrades from nudlingen jerk to the watch. Schweinfurt district fire chief holger strunk and securitas chief jochen braunschweig also take in the spectacle.

For gauaschach, the scenario is by no means out of the blue: a federal helicopter gets stuck on a windmill, spins and crashes into a barn.

Israel’s president commissions netanyahu to form government

Israel's president commissions netanyahu to form government

Just over a week after the election in israel, president reuven rivlin has once again appointed the right-wing conservative prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a government.

Rivlin officially gave him the mandate on wednesday evening in his official residence in jerusalem. "I accept the task," said netanyahu. He called for the rapid formation of a broad unity government. Negotiations to form a rough coalition of netanyahu’s likud with the opposition center alliance of ex-military chief benny gantz had failed earlier, however. If netanyahu does not succeed in forming a government, new elections are likely within a few months.