There is a shortage of doctors

It sounds promising for family doctor care in the west of the district: a young doctor from serbia has just taken over the country doctor's practice in obbach, a young woman doctor set up her practice in niederwerrn a few days ago, and a general practitioner has been present in wulfershausen since october. So everything is fine in the schweinfurt-north demand planning area? Not at all.

The good news cannot conceal the fact that there are still major difficulties in the supply of family doctors between wasserlosen and stadtlauringen. "There are no longer enough primary care physicians available to stabilize the supply situation in the long term", the bavarian association of statutory health insurance physicians (KVB) also states. Currently, there are 6.5 vacant general practitioner seats in the schweinfurt-nord region, which is the sad leader in all of bavaria behind tirschenreuth with seven vacant seats.

Formally "undersupplied the area is currently not. This is calculated by the KVB on the basis of the ratio of physicians to population. If the supply level is below 75 percent, as was the case in spring 2019, there is an undersupply. Currently, the KVB supply atlas shows 88.41 percent and thus an "imminent undersupply". "In schweinfurt-nord there is always a "swing", female also adam hofstatter from the KVB security in munich. So three new doctors had settled there in 2019. However, the age of the doctors is also taken into account in the calculation.


In schweinfurt-sud – werneck to grettstadt and kolitzheim – the calculated coverage rate is 99.75 percent, in the city of schweinfurt 103.04 percent. From 110 percent, KVB has to close the space for further branches. "In gerolzhofen, for the first time, we also have an impending shortage", says hofstatter about this area with 83.58 percent supply.

The statement "undersupplied or "threatening undersupply" is met twice a year by the joint state committee of physicians and health insurers. It depends on this, how much demand a doctor receives from the KVB when setting up a practice. If there is a shortage, it can be up to 120,000 euros; if there is a threat of shortage, up to 60,000 euros. In addition, the bavarian state government can also grant demand funds.

The regional KVB board representative for lower franconia, christian pfeiffer, is convinced that such financial support is effective. But he also confirms that things can sometimes work out differently if the level of care changes during the course of a practice in a district.

This is what dr. Peter-michael scherliess, who in october reopened a general practitioner's office in a municipal building in the wasserlos district of wulfershausen after 18 years, is a good example. Because, according to scherliess, refurbishment and installation took longer than expected, the level of care in schweinfurt-north had changed from "undersupplied" by the time of the opening on "imminent undersupply" changed. Which meant less demand for him. "For me, this is an arbitrary allocation of claim funds", says the doctor from southern bavaria.

Pfeiffer, on the other hand, believes that a requirement should only lower the inhibition threshold for investments. And: in such an area, any practice can be lucrative.

New medical center built

In order to attract a new general practitioner, the municipality of niederwerrn has teamed up with a developer to build a new building in schweinfurter strabe. A few days ago, the young internal medicine specialist dr. Eva maria nied established with her family practice. On the first floor, the diakonisches werk schweinfurt will open a day care center for seniors. "For the community, this is a winner in the lottery", mayor bettina barmann judges.

In your opinion, young physicians would rather move into new rooms than take over existing practices. The doctor, who was selected from among three applicants, was able to contribute her ideas during the construction phase.

A different decision was made by dr. Ivan zmiric, who at the beginning of the year took over muller's established rural practice in obbach. However, he will not be able to continue the branch office in schwemmelsbach. The store had opened its doors for two days a week in 2015. This was possible thanks to the practical support provided by graduate physician uta geiling and by zmiric during his time as an intern. Country doctor gerhard muller and geiling have now retired, zmiric now runs the practice alone.

Because the legislature initiated a new regulation of demand planning in the summer of 2019, which is intended to better reflect the reality on the ground, new establishment options for doctors were created for areas that were actually blocked.

This was made possible at the end of the year by a change in the ratio of doctors to patients: instead of 1671, 1609 people are now the basis for calculating the number of general practitioners. What this means for schweinfurt-north is that there are now 6.5 vacancies instead of five. With the current shortage of doctors, however, this does not improve the situation there at all. 


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