Brk, together with mayors, honors numerous loyal blood donors

Brk, together with mayors, honors numerous loyal blood donors

Up to three lives can be saved with just one blood donation. The donors who have already put their hands on the needle up to 125 times for their fellow citizens deserve a very special honor.

At the BRK rescue station, the deputy chairwoman of the district association, alexandra hiersemann, and district manager beate ulonska presented awards to dedicated blood donors from herzogenaurach, hebdorf, aurachtal, grobenseebach and weisendorf.

"A small prick, a matter of half an hour – it seems so simple and yet it is of such great importance", said alexandra hiersemann in her acceptance speech. "With their willingness to donate blood repeatedly – 50, 75 and even 100 and 125 times – they have already saved many lives."

Hiersemann illustrated the fact that the donations were by no means always prepared professionally with an anecdote about what was probably the very first blood donation: according to this, in july 1492, the dying pope innozenz VIII was given a blood transfusion. Drinking the blood of three ten-year-old boys. It was hoped that this would rejuvenate the aged church font. Unfortunately, the result was predictably sad: first the boys died, then the pope.

It took a couple of centuries before these "rather ineffectual" tools were used had refined methods to such an extent that the first human-to-human transfusion could take place in 1818.

Mayor german hacker joined in the heartfelt thanks on behalf of all the mayors present, also on behalf of all those receiving donations.

Beyond the individual congratulations with certificates, honorary pins, a bottle of wine and a small surprise, which the mayors gave to "their" winners, the winners of the award were also honored the donors were visibly pleased when they received the. They were unanimous in saying that donating blood today is also much more pleasant than it was in 1492, and that they are even convinced of its positive effect on their well-being.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the buffet, while a delegation from the field kitchen of the red cross took care of the liquid budget. In quite familiar atmosphere with lively conversations then took "the cozy part of the evening" his run.

Under the guidance of the volunteer sanitarians from the herzogenaurach rescue squad, those who were interested were also able to tour the entire rescue station, which was very well received.

At the end of the evening, alexandra hiersemann and beate ulonska took mayor german hacker to task: they arranged to donate blood with him in the fall.

Together, the honored donors have donated an impressive 2825 units of blood, a total volume of almost unimaginable 1400 liters.


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