Bgh ruling: 15 euros for an account statement is too much

Bgh ruling: 15 euros for an account statement is too much

The commerzbank’s revision was rejected. The second-largest german bank has so far charged 15 euros for a statement of account that is long overdue.

For the federal association of consumer advice centers (vzbv), attorney peter wassermann affirmed in the hearing before the federal court of justice the view that most customers were charged excessive fees by the bank. More than 80 percent of the cases involved account statements up to six months old. And the actual costs for the bank of 10.24 euros were significantly lower than the demanded fee. Here "the mass of the case is burdened with excessive costs and that is not in the sense of the legal regulation," said the lawyer.

The bank’s representative, achim kramer, on the other hand, explained that the bank would incur a much higher expense, which could reach more than 100 euros, if an account statement older than six months were to be issued retrospectively. Some of the documents first had to be "put together by hand". The requested lump sum therefore represents an average weighting. In the first instance in 2012, the frankfurt regional court had still ruled in favor of commerzbank.

A spokesman for the institute said the price for this service had already been adjusted in mid-november: a move-out lasting a maximum of 13 months now costs three euros; for an older move-out it is 15 euros.

With regard to the possibilities of providing account statements online over a longer period of time, vzbv representative frank-christian pauli said that the banks could also make these data available to their customers in such a way that they did not have any access at all. The commerzbank spokesman announced that the bank was "doing a lot in the online area to significantly simplify and streamline processes".


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