Puppies find new home – but who pays?

puppies find new home - but who pays?

On saturday, the first three started their journey to their new home, and on sunday, another two. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas, the four havanese and the one cavalier king charles spaniel could leave the coburg animal shelter after eleven weeks. "There were around 80 inquiries", veterinarian joachim lessing tells.

He had the puppies examined, vaccinated, dewormed, so medically cared for. "When selecting new owners, we looked to see if there were other dogs living in the households that they could learn from." Because the puppies were separated from their mothers far too early and had to stay in quarantine for weeks because it was not clear whether they were burdened by diseases. "There were many deficits that could not be fully compensated for in the animal shelter despite all the efforts", added joachim lessing. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas were given away for a protection fee of 200 euros per dog.

Increased demand for support
"That's the normal price we charge for puppies," says daniela mages, says daniela mages from the animal protection association coburg and surroundings. In addition to the food, also examination, vaccination and deworming had to be paid for. A uniform charge of 15 euros per dog per day will therefore be levied.

"With the five puppies there was an additional need for care by the quarantans." 6000 euro was the total cost. "We were comparatively well off. Other animal shelters, which had also taken in puppies, also had to pay for inpatient treatment. Eight puppies from the transport have died", tells daniela mages. Auber dem coburger had taken in facilities in lichtenfels, wunsiedel, kitzingen, feucht and frankfurt/main.

"In total, we are sitting on costs of 87 000 euros", says andreas brucker, deputy head of the bavarian regional association's office in the german animal welfare association. These are donations for charitable purposes. "We have to get them back, because animal welfare is a state task." But who will reimburse the clubs for the costs??

Andreas brucker believes that the schweinfurt district office, or more precisely the veterinary office, is responsible for this. Because the transport had been stopped in the district of schweinfurt. But the district office does not want to pay and points out that the public prosecutor's office had confiscated the dogs, the office itself had not taken any action at all.

Andreas brucker disagrees. "The schweinfurt veterinary office ordered the quarantine after the seizure and according to my legal opinion the district office has to pay for the costs as well. It can then fall back on the causer of the damage." The regional association is currently deciding which court it will take the money to – the administrative court or the civil court. "Maybe the district office in schweinfurt will make us an offer beforehand.

In the meantime, the coburg association will have to see how it gets along. "We can't easily cope with the additional costs of 6,000 euros," says daniela mages, states daniela mages. Many donation letters have been sent to local companies – so far without great success. "We're happy to help, but you can't just roll the costs off on us. A clear line needs to be drawn."


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