Brawl in the city center – actors also threaten the police officers

It had come in the night to sunday shortly after midnight in the hochstadter city center to a firm argument under foreign mitburgern.

For investigative reasons, the police only now announced that a witness had phoned in to report a brawl in front of a restaurant in the vogelseck area. Immediately afterwards, the caller hung up immediately.

Bloodied victim

When the patrol arrived, a young man with a face covered in blood immediately approached the officers. His friend had also sustained an injury from the previous altercation.

Two other young men and a young woman, all heavily intoxicated, were in the immediate vicinity, shouting wildly and hardly able to be calmed down by the officers. Only by further patrols the persons, who attacked the officials verbally massively with insults and threats, could be calmed down. To prevent assaults, the police officers had to handcuff the mannerists.

Only after the quarrelsome men were no longer a danger, the officers could begin with the investigation work.

According to the current state of the investigation, the companion of the two men was sitting on a park bench in front of the guesthouse. The passing men, each aged 32, were amused by the young lady. The two opponents, aged 23 and 25, took advantage of this and immediately started an argument, which ultimately led to a massive assault on the two older men.

The emergency services took the man, who was covered in blood, to hochstadt hospital with a suspected nasal fracture.

Pocket knife seized

Further investigations revealed that during the assault, one of the two young men pulled out a knife and threatened to do so. The knife, however, could not be found by the officers on the spot.

Only when the victim was questioned again in the hospital was there any indication that the weapon had been left behind. During a search of the apartment of the young woman, who had gone home in the meantime, the pocket knife was found.

According to the police, language difficulties also slowed down the investigation. But the case will keep hochstadter officials busy for a long time, because the men involved are still accused of several crimes.


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