The ten most common traffic violations and their consequences

The ten most common traffic violations and their consequences

Parked briefly in the fire department driveway. Changing lanes without signaling. A concert of honking horns because the car in front is sleeping at the traffic lights: there are traffic violations that happen almost every day. But if you get caught, it can sometimes be expensive. We have compiled the ten most common everyday traffic violations – and explain what penalties drivers face if they commit them.

1. Parking the wrong way
no fire far and wide – so just used the gap and off to the backer. But parking in the fire department approach zone is no trivial offense. Rescue workers should be able to intervene as quickly as possible via the marked areas. The penalties are correspondingly high: it costs at least 35 euros. If emergency services are blocked, the fine rises to 65 euros and one point in flensburg. In addition, the wrong parkers may be towed away immediately.

2. Forget to signal
probably just about every car driver has made a turn or changed lanes without signaling. For other road users, however, blinkers are a nuisance, sometimes forcing them to make reckless evasive maneuvers or causing accidents. According to the german automobile association (ADAC), a warning fine of ten euros is due if you don't use your blinker when changing lanes or changing directions. If you cause an accident, it will be much more expensive – because the person who fails to signal will usually be blamed for the accident.

3. Stop sign overlooked
you are driving towards a stop sign and see that there is no car on the right of way. Just drive on and slowly turn into the cross street is what most drivers do then. But the word "stop" on the sign must be taken literally. According to the traffic sign catalog, it's "stop, give way". So you have to stop completely before you are allowed to drive on when the road is free. If you do not comply and are caught, you will pay ten euros.

4. Phone calls at the wheel
in times of constant accessibility, more and more drivers reach for their cell phones even while driving. Just answering a text message or making a quick phone call won't be so bad. But this is not only forbidden, it is also dangerous: the distraction massively increases the risk of an accident, so there is also the threat of a heavy fine of 100 euros and a point in flensburg.

5. Honking for no reason
if the car in front of you is daydreaming and doesn't drive off immediately despite the traffic lights turning green, a honking concert may start. This should be avoided at all costs, because the horn is a warning signal that should only be used in traffic situations. In addition, others may not be burdened by it. A short honk is usually still tolerated, but for a permanent sound, ten euros fine will be due.

6. Needle in too early
accidents, road works or other lane narrowing: if a lane on a road with several lanes for one direction ends or is no longer passable, the friction closure procedure must be used. However, the alternating needling only begins immediately before the start of the narrowing.

"Many drivers already change lanes several hundred meters before the narrowing. This can cause the end of the traffic jam to move further back", says christian kellner of the german traffic safety council (dvr). "On the other hand, drivers in the free lane must give other road users the opportunity to merge into it." Those who fail to do so risk a 20 euro fine.

7. Turn up the music
your favorite song is finally playing on the radio – time to turn up the speakers to full blast. Whoever does this risks a ten euro fine. According to the ADAC, the driver's hearing must not be impaired during the journey, so that he can perceive emergency signals such as horns or st. Martin's horns. The same rule also applies to headphones: wearing them while driving is permitted, but playing music too loudly, which restricts your ability to hear, is not.

8. Defective dipped headlights
on the one hand, the dipped headlights are out. It happens, most drivers think – and simply drive on. They have to act immediately, because according to the road traffic regulations, drivers are not allowed to drive with defects that impair traffic safety – and that includes the lighting. Depending on visibility and weather conditions, this offence can result in a fine of up to 60 euros and a penalty point in flensburg.

9. Just park
you might have bought a ticket at a parking ticket machine in accordance with the regulations – but the machine is broken. Those who now think they could simply park for free, however, have rejoiced too early. Because if the parking ticket machine is defective, you have to put the parking disc behind the windshield and may not exceed the maximum parking time specified. Otherwise, depending on the parking time, a fine of between ten and 30 euros may be imposed.

10. Rear fog light without emergency
in heavy rain and poor visibility, some drivers like to turn on their rear fog lights. With good intentions, they hope to be seen better by the other drivers. But bad weather alone is not enough: according to the ADAC, the bright red light may only be activated when it is foggy and visibility is less than 50 meters. And if that is the case, the maximum speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour. Violations cost 20 euros.


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