Incumbent points to successes

incumbent points to successes

When it comes to summing up his almost six years as mayor, armin warmuth (CSU) doesn't know where to start: "a lot has happened, we've invested a lot and still managed to reduce debts.", the 53-year-old sums up his time in office. Despite many projects, he is above all pleased about the good cooperation in the city council. "We have a good atmosphere and a good human relationship, most decisions are unanimous."

As recently as july 2019, armin warmuth announced that he would seek a second term in office. "There were still some things to clear", he explains the relatively late decision for a full-time mayor. In 2014, warmuth prevailed over two other candidates. Since then, the man from diebach has been the first hammelburg mayor not to come from the city center.

His first rough construction project in office was the livestock market, but in retrospect he describes the rough number of refugees in 2015 as the first real challenge. "We have managed this very well in hammelburg thanks to the great voluntary commitment", warmuth is pleased. In other areas, too, from art to culture to sports, many associations and initiatives have contributed to a positive internal and external impact: "this radiates madly to the outside world, the mayor praises the commitment of many volunteers.

Similarly positive after six years in office: "we are in a better economic position than ever before", warmuth points to high trade tax revenues and a drop in debt from more than nine million euros in 2014 to just over three million euros today. The fact that the city received stabilization aid for two years and attracted large grants for many projects, such as the conversion of the primary and secondary schools, the barrier-free conversion of the town hall and the redesign of the herrenmuhle museum with the extension of the historic bath tower to a lookout point over the town center, also contributed to this.

High subsidies have also been pledged for the burgerhaus, for which warmuth hopes building permission will be granted soon. He was, however, concerned about the referendum on the multi-million euro project. "Naturally, one wonders what the reason was", admits the 53-year-old. Apparently, the arguments of the city council and the administration could not be "properly ruberzukriegen". Even though the referendum delayed the project, it also had its positive aspects: "in retrospect, it has made the city council more united, says warmuth. The mayor is relaxed about the fact that this year there is even a ninth list competing for the 24 seats on the board: "we already have italian conditions, he comments on the composition of the city council. Regarding the generation Z list, warmuth says: "I think it's good when young people get involved."

"That will be good", warmuth also stands firmly behind the plans for the new school campus east of the city (see interview). The extension of the railroad station road is to begin soon. A reorganization of the city administration is in full swing. "But it's not about cutting staff", warmuth clarifies. The new city newspaper, which warmuth introduced during his term of office, has been very well received.

Three questions for armin warmuth

School campus, building yard, residential areas: how do you see the constructional development of the city center and the city districts in the next six years??

Armin warmuth: at last, new building sites have been created in the city center; we are working on those parts of the city where there is a need. A pre-purchase statute obliging land buyers to build on the site in a timely manner is in the works, because there is enough land available. Prioritize interior development over the development of new building sites. There are demand programs for this. Vacant properties can be acquired by the city, rubbed down, and made available to those willing to build. The new school campus and the construction of the new building yard will create opportunities for commercial and (also age-appropriate) residential development. Our housing cooperative with 28 units has set an example. Once the burgerhaus is built, something similar is conceivable for the old elementary school.

Traffic, especially in the city center, is a current topic of discussion: how do you envision future mobility in the community as a whole??

The car will remain indispensable here. That is why we need contractual solutions for pedestrians and cyclists. We need to design road spaces in such a way that all road users can travel safely. Naturally, we want to get pure through traffic out of the city center; the new school campus could also contribute to this goal. Sustainable models such as burgerbus and electromobility must be further promoted.

What would you do first if you were re-elected mayor??

"My plan: moving forward together!" I want to continue the cooperation and successful development of the past six years in the city council. The first projects to be tackled are the further development of the burgerspital, the removal of trees from bahnhofstrabe and the bus stop for the elementary and secondary school. Good communication is very important.

About the person

Private armin warmuth was born in hammelburg in 1967, is married, has two children and lives in the diebach district of hammelburg.

Profession after graduating from high school in hammelburg in 1986 and completing his military service, he trained to become a bank clerk. In more than 25 years at raiffeisenbank, he was responsible for marketing, among other things, and later moved to the credit department. He trained as an advertising specialist and marketing manager.

Interests armin warmuth joined the CSU in 1996, in 2002 he was elected to the hammelburg city council for the first time, from 2005 to 2008 he was the spokesman for the CSU faction, from 2008 until his election as mayor in 2014 he was the local spokesman for diebach. Warmuth is also a county councilor and is a member of the shareholders' meeting of the county bus company. As mayor, he holds numerous other offices, including chairman of the wastewater association and the frankisches saale valley alliance.


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