Bee colonies can also be leased

The bee year is over. Anyone who has done all the work on the bee colony correctly, such as taking care of the food supply, treatment against varroa mites and a new queen in the bee colony, could look forward to the young bees flying in on the fine days of autumn. Which measurements are now necessary until march? The beekeepers association bad rodach meets for this on friday, 2. November. The necessary measures for the survival of the bee colony will be presented.

Especially a re-infection with varroa mites has to be paid more attention to because of the very gentle autumn weather. The aim of the training is to point out all these measures, to explain the theoretical contents in the lecture and to explain them with examples. The performances are filled with life through appropriate tips.

Loan bees

The event, which takes place in the adjoining room of the "zum lustigen kegler" inn, is rounded off by a few tips at heldburger strabe 61 starting at 7 pm, with information about leasing bee colonies from the point of view of the association with a report by karl heinz herold and from the point of view of a lessee with a contribution by christine reininger.

After that volker meyer introduces the melitherm and how it works. Such a device is used for completely crystal-free fluxing of honey. In a continuous flow process, the liquified honey flows through a straining cloth that retains even the smallest impurities. So the natural candling time will not be changed.

The beekeepers’ association of bad rodach was particularly pleased about the visit of other beekeepers, interested parties and guests at this public event.

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