Hans wiesel is a hundred years old

Hans wiesel is a hundred years old

It's hard to believe, but as recently as last year, hans wiesel was getting by without any medication at all. Now the native of neudrossenfeld is 100 years old. His secret recipe: he simply lived healthily.

Hans wiesel learned the carpenter's trade in his home community. He first lived with his wife, who died in 2018, and their two daughters in hornungsreuth before building his own home in brucklein, where he was always involved in handicrafts.

Until a few months ago, hans wiesel was still able to participate very attentively in the daily events of his family, was physically fit and still read the daily newspaper without glasses. Within a short time, the life and eyesight of the man began to fail. However, hans wiesel is still able to get by in his own living quarters.

Hans wiesel and his wife enjoyed taking part in the events organized by the neudrossenfeld senior citizens' club. His last rough trip was across the "big pond" about 20 years ago to america. The garden at home was also "his kingdom" for many years.

Congratulations on his birthday from the representatives of the seniors' club and the neudrossenfeld horticultural society. The oldest male resident of the community was congratulated by mayor harald hubner, and former mayor of neudrossenfeld and deputy district administrator dieter schaar wished all the best for the district of kulmbach. Pastor johannes feldhauser offered the congratulations of the evangelical church community.


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