Britta steffen ends her career

Britta steffen ends her career

The 29-year-old had celebrated her greatest successes in 2008 in beijing with gold medals in the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle events. One year later, the swimmer, who was born in schwedt, brandenburg, also won the titles over these two distances at the world championships in rome.

"I’m ending my career knowing that I’m one of the best in the world", she was quoted in a communication of her management. "Nevertheless, in the last few weeks i have doubted whether i can muster the necessary motivation and energy for one or even three more years in the fight for gold medals and championship titles", she explained with a view to the 2014 european championships in berlin and the 2016 olympics in rio.

At the last world championships in barcelona this summer, steffen was left without a medal.
The president of the german swimming federation (DSV), christa thiel, praised steffen as "an outstanding swimmer who has shaped the sport of swimming in germany in recent years".


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