“Gankino circus” inspire habfurt audience

"Phenomenal, unique, funny and charming", judged 20-year-old helena ott from habfurt. "Outstanding, funny and groovy", said 57-year-old thomas wagner from ebern. Two generations, one opinion. "Gankino circus" is able to inspire across all age groups. The shrill, versatile music band gave a concert in the gewolbekeller of the town hall in habfurt on tuesday evening at an event organized by the habfurt cultural office.

A musical traveling circus

Concerts with gankino circus are not musical events of the usual kind, but musical journeys of experience. The "musical traveling circus fascinates his audience with his usual, driving and extraordinarily lively music, humorous moderations and unbelievably rough joy of playing.
Four seasoned, extremely talented frenchmen from dietenhofen in central franconia form the instrumentally rich "circus family": ralf wieland (guitar, banjo, vocals), maximilian eder (accordion, vocals and percussion), simon schorndanner (saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals and tap dance) and johannes sens (drums, percussion, vocals). As "travelling musicians wander from country to country, from town to town, from performance to performance. They bring music with them, which they have heard on trips to eastern europe, belgium, france or even finland and interpret in their own style.

"We make the music so that we like it", in habfurt, they answered the question of what kind of music they liked best. "We simply let ourselves be inspired and prepare the musical content in a circus-like manner", he told simon schorndanner. "We then design a very special program from our rich repertoire for each city in which we perform."

"Cultural ambassador

But "gankino circus" bring not only western, eastern and northern european and even arabic music to germany. Rather, this year in may, the musicians live as "cultural ambassadors" the city of furth the french in limoges at so-called volkerverstandigungskonzerte with french music and international folklore. In addition, the musicians are still with the finnish band "elakelaiset" on tour.

Since their last performances, the musicians have associated habfurt with "wonderful evenings, a great audience that listens very well, and good support from the cultural office", as ralf wieland put it, who always leads the visitors through the evening in a perfectly courtly manner, but also always tries to take them for a ride.

Unusual melodies

The audience, on the other hand, had fond memories of the band because their music was so moving, strongly rhythmic, full of unusual melodies and musical styles and, above all, one thing: joyful! Whether in major or minor, whether klezmer or balkanbeat, whether jazz or french folk, whether traditional finnish folk songs or oriental sounds, whether together or in solo: "gankino circus radiates pure and infectious joie de vivre. No wonder that the audience demanded (and got) several encores and a group of women beamed at the end: "we really enjoyed ourselves".


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