Pensioner shoots district administrator over threat of eviction

Pensioner shoots district administrator over threat of eviction

This was announced by the police in hameln on monday. The 74-year-old shot district administrator rudiger butte (SPD) in his office on friday and then killed himself with a revolver.

In addition to the loss of the house, the 74-year-old had been threatened with further foreclosures and the revocation of his driver’s license. This is the result of the analysis of the correspondence found in the house of the pensioner. In the letterhead of all official letters of the district of hameln-pyrmont, the district administrator had stated. Instead of individual clerks, the pensioner may therefore have directed his anger at butte. "The totality of the events will have driven him to do the deed," said a police spokesman.

Signs of confusion had been detected by the police in the pensioner in january after a traffic accident with minor damage, the district administration announced. The pensioner had made a confused impression when the accident was recorded, which suggested a possible health impairment. The driver’s license office has therefore been asked to check the 74-year-old’s fitness to drive. The pensioner, who took part in round trips with a vintage tractor as well as an old motorcycle, had been invited to a hearing at the road traffic office.

The pensioner had already been in dispute with the authorities for several years. The county had taken action because of an allegedly unauthorized fence the man had put up around his sheep pasture. When the authorities found the permit that had been issued decades ago, they criticized the height of the fence – it had to disappear. This dispute does not seem to have played any role in the crime, the police said on monday.

The funeral service for rudiger butte (63) is scheduled for wednesday of next week. A book of condolence was also to be activated on the district’s homepage. Hamelin remains in shock, city spokesman says. The employees of the district administration returned to their workplaces on monday morning after an address by the first district councilor carsten vetter.


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