Tree removals in the ebern district of kurzewind are almost complete

Except for minor remaining work, the tree removal in the kurzewind district has been completed. 580000 euro were spent, said mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) at the site inspection of the building committee of the ebern city council on wednesday evening in kurzewind. There were additional costs of ten percent of the construction sum of 447,000 euros, as the head of the construction office, martin lang, explained, but a subsidy notice from the water management office for 118,000 euros had also been received for this m.
It seemed important to the mayor to declare that with the completion of this tree inspection in kurzewind and the one in bischwind a.R. The common wastewater facilities in the city of ebern are completely in order. "This is a major step towards keeping the water clean", the mayor said.

41,000 euros invested in road improvements

Hennemann also pointed out that kurzewind is very well supplied with broadband. Telekom did not want to lay empty conduits for fiber optics. "We have a fiber optic connection here up to the distribution station, and from there copper lines go to the house connections. Who would like to have it still faster, can anschlieben to the overhead line", explained hennemann.
41,000 euros was also invested in the road extension, partly in a full extension, partly in conservation measures.
On site, engineer hans-joachim brandt from the SRP schneider& partner in zeil and martin lang from the city of ebern's building department the mabnahme carried out in kurzewind. Brandt pointed out that the retention basin at the entrance to the village, coming from the direction of gereuth, has a capacity of 315 cubic meters. In response to a question from city councillor manfred fausten (CSU), brandt said that care had to be taken to ensure that the volume of the basin was not reduced by siltation.

Where cost increases come from

Martin lang explained to the committee that the final inspection had been carried out by a private expert. "There is still some minor work to be done, such as the installation of a lander, which the company will do in the foreseeable future", said lang. The whole thing is in the "start-up phase", but in about three weeks "everything had to fit".
It was also positive and cost-saving that excavated soil from the construction of the rainwater basin could be used to a large extent. "An enormously positive cost factor", said lang and brandt in unison. Nevertheless, there were cost increases of ten percent.
During the tour of the village, martin lang pointed out the measures that led to these cost increases: "the drinking water pipeline had to be lowered in some places so that it didn't collide with the canal, and surface drainage had to be installed, which were necessary alterations", said lang.

Flood situation improved

Mayor hennemann explained that the house connections were like those in new construction areas, which is why the costs were passed on to the residents. "That was discussed however before already with the burgers", said the mayor.
Martin lang noted that the flood situation had also been significantly improved as a result of the mab. Kurzewind is located on a slope, and in certain weather conditions a lot of water can come together there.
In response to a question from councillor rainer kaffer (JL), lang said that no change had been made to the water cistern in the village. Local councillor manfred fausten wanted improvements made to the access road to the kaupert property. To this, the mayor and martin lang said that the path, which was affected as a result of the tree removal, has been repaired so that it is better than before.
In particular, it was pointed out for a long time that no waste or toxic substances, hardening substances, fats or oils and no hygiene articles were to be introduced into the wastewater plant, because this would impair the functioning, also of the clarification plant in ebern, and it would come to disruptions and avoidable costs. Households had received an information sheet to this effect.

13 new homes possible

The building site in ebern between beethoven- and sudetenstrabe ("wirschingacker") was also visited. Four new houses have already been built there. The house connections for the residents have already been awarded. The city of ebern had two building lots there that were sold off. All in all, if all private owners put their land at our disposal, 13 residential buildings could be built there. Martin lang: "here you can even get fiber optics directly to your home through telekom." He recalled that a supermarket and a church were planned for this site in earlier years. The planned terraced house developments were converted into single house developments.
The parking time on the parking lot at the corner of andreas-humann-/coburger strabe is to be limited. There are seven parking spaces there which, according to the mayor, are occupied by long-term parkers. In the future, parking there will be limited to three hours between eight and 6 p.M.
Councillor manfred fausten pointed out that at undeveloped properties in the area of thuringer-/wartburgweg in ebern, the footpath was partially no longer passable due to bushes. The owners are requested to cut back the bushes accordingly.
Councilman philipp arnold (E) said a dilapidated barn in jesserndorf on weibenbrunner strabe had become "suspicious" in the direction of strabe neige. Safety measures should be tested.
The topic "funeral forest" raised in the city council meeting was not discussed in the public part of the building committee meeting.


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