The ten most common traffic violations and their consequences

The ten most common traffic violations and their consequences

Parked briefly in the fire department driveway. Changing lanes without signaling. A concert of honking horns because the car in front is sleeping at the traffic lights: there are traffic violations that happen almost every day. But if you get caught, it can sometimes be expensive. We have compiled the ten most common everyday traffic violations – and explain what penalties drivers face if they commit them.

1. Parking the wrong way
no fire far and wide – so just used the gap and off to the backer. But parking in the fire department approach zone is no trivial offense. Rescue workers should be able to intervene as quickly as possible via the marked areas. The penalties are correspondingly high: it costs at least 35 euros. If emergency services are blocked, the fine rises to 65 euros and one point in flensburg. In addition, the wrong parkers may be towed away immediately.

Atmosphere at the hoffest of coburger tageblatt, hsc and radio eins

Michael hafner and jochen knauer probably had the toughest job on saturday: they stood in the bratwurst stand at the tageblatt, HSC, and radio eins hope festival…

But some of the HSC players also worked up a good sweat: first when they were busy signing autographs, and then when they tried out the rough bouncy castle – much to the delight of some young fans. "Boah, it’s exhausting", said florian billek and had to laugh. Whether this would be a completely new training approach for coach jan gorr to get his boys fit for the new season? Wait and see. But above all, the spontaneous honking was a sign of the good mood in the team. This also became clear in a talk session in which florian billek made fun of andreas schroder, who, as is well known, has transferred to the HSC from arch-rivals erlangen: "he is quite heavy", said billek "he has the last few years just not done much…" By the way, schroder was also a full participant in the hupfburg later on.

Esc’s race to catch up is not rewarded

Esc's race to catch up is not rewarded

They plowed, they toiled, they fought to exhaustion. Nevertheless, the "hawks" conceded of the ESC habfurt at the EC bad kissingen in the intermediate round of the ice hockey regional league a 9:10 (3:1, 1:6, 5:3) defeat.

The habfurter put despite a strong personnel monitoring an unbelievable morale on the day. And they scored five goals in the last twelve minutes in what was probably their most spectacular comeback in recent years, after conceding seven in a row beforehand. All the more annoying is the narrow outcome.

“Sliders” meet live music

Five restaurateurs once again move to the beautiful coburg marketplace with wagons and tents and relocate their restaurant cakes to the heart of the city. Even if cooking in a small space requires a lot of improvisation: it gives the visitors a wonderful variety and the agony of choice. For there will be not only traditional but also modern dishes around the "coburger rutscher offered. Shovel, goose breast, roast venison and roast beef with delicious side dishes are on the menu, as well as klobbratwurst with potato bread and herb mustard or klob-cordon bleu. In addition, there will be cellar beer, radler and wheat on tap, as well as, of course, cool non-alcoholic drinks.
But the 12. Klobmarkt not only spoils the palates of burgers and guests. Musically, there will be just as much good live music, where you can sway, sway and sway your dancing leg along.

Good program

The citymanagement, with the support of the kulmbacher brewery and sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels, was able to engage old and young bands this year as well. On friday, 1. September, it goes off at 13 o'clock with the music association uetzing-serkendorf and thus with french folk music and bohemian-moravian brass music. The wind orchestra will also show that it is well established in the symphonic field. From 6 p.M., the eight musicians of "lords of music" invite you to a concert to rock 'n' roll of the 50s and 60s a.
On saturday, 2. September, the 40 musicians of the music association stadt rodental will accompany the klobessen between the council and the town hall from 11 am onwards. They are known for their high-level brass music. From 13.30 o'clock "pfarkhax" takes over, which in high german means minced horse meat, the buhne. The four strong-voiced musicians from sonneberg and coburg have been delighting their fans in the region with american bluegrass and country rhythms for years. On saturday evening there will be the opportunity to dance and sing along, when the jojo band will play brand-new hits, groovy 80s and immortal oldies from 18 years on.30 o'clock the program.
The coburg town band can't be missing from the klobmarkt of course. It will be on sunday, 3. September, from 11 a.M. Musical accompaniment to the "fruhschoppen. From 14.At 30 o'clock, things really get going again when the five musicians of the dance band "missfire" start to play with a varied program – from oldies to rock and pop to schlager and country – invite young and old to dance on sunday afternoon.

The last guardian excerpt in the year

The last guardian excerpt in the year

Numerous spectators love to be part of the last schutzenfest procession of the year. A total of 18 clubs and three music bands took part in the 42. Procession of the rennsteigschutzen takes part.
The train was led by guardian queen silke loffler with her "hanseln" georg trebes and ernst sticker. The active protector was pleased that she could represent the protectors in front of her husband klaus loffler this year, which was probably a one-time occurrence. The mayor then followed, together with the mandate holders of the community.
His joy at the response showed the head of the community. The event documented once again that a lot can be achieved through cohesion. The rennsteigschutzen carried the call of the community positively to auben.
On sunday afternoon, the original reichenbacher brass band set the right mood. In between, there was a melodious interlude by the "edelweib" choral society windheim.
Today monday is all about the children. At 13.45 o’clock the children’s parade takes place. The tenth push of authorities will be carried out at 2 p.M. In the guardhouse.
At around 10 p.M. Prizes are awarded and the king is proclaimed. Monday’s musical program was provided by the steinbach music society. All members of the rennsteigschutzenverein still have the opportunity to aim at the king’s target on monday from 9 a.M. To 12 noon.


“Gankino circus” inspire habfurt audience

"Phenomenal, unique, funny and charming", judged 20-year-old helena ott from habfurt. "Outstanding, funny and groovy", said 57-year-old thomas wagner from ebern. Two generations, one opinion. "Gankino circus" is able to inspire across all age groups. The shrill, versatile music band gave a concert in the gewolbekeller of the town hall in habfurt on tuesday evening at an event organized by the habfurt cultural office.

A musical traveling circus

Autumn concert for the soul

Autumn concert for the soul

Just switch off, and let the soul dangle to familiar melodies. With these main ideas the blaservereinigung markt burkardroth organizes on sunday, 11.October at 14 o’clock an autumn concert on the gerberwiese (next to the church) in burkardroth a. In addition to traditional pieces of wind music literature, the program of the local music society also includes songs by udo jurgens, elvis presley and the dead pants. With the lockdown in the spring, making music together and thus the rehearsal of the club had become impossible. Even firmly scheduled events such as the spring concert or the annual saale musicum at the music pavilion have also had to be cancelled.

After a three-month break, the musicians were at least able to resume the longed-for rehearsals at the end of june. The more than 50 active musicians received support from the market in burkardroth. The empty old school in the village of wollbach has been converted into a new, temporary rehearsal room. A big group needs a big room to play music in the framework of a special hygiene concept. "We are grateful to have quickly found an uncomplicated solution that does not have to exclude musicians because of space problems." Said chairman florian kirchner.

A contemplative hour

A contemplative hour

"Domols hodd der kaiser augustus a verordnung rausgehm, dass sich alle leid in neia steierlist’n eitrogn lossn …" This is how the christmas story of the leupoldsgruner viergesang in the pressecker dreifaltigkeitskirche began. Jochen rank, stefan durrschmidt, christian wunderlich (accordion) and ronald weber (guitar) told them in french and decorated them with all kinds of songs from the world of music.

The quartet’s musical devotion really brought a contemplative and peaceful hour to the presseck house of worship and might have given an idea of how it once was at christmas in the homes of weavers and small farmers.

The bad kissing organ cycle is opened

the bad kissing organ cycle is opened

For three decades, the bad kissingen organ cycle has been an integral part of the cultural scene in bad kissingen. Thanks to a first-class organ from the renowned potsdam organ factory schuke, almost any organ literature can be interpreted. What drives city cantor burkhard ascherl to organize an organ cycle again and again??

"When you are on fire for organ music and you have such a beautiful organ, you don’t want to just stop, because there are so many different pieces for organ, and the organ literature is so rich. As an organist you have so many great colleagues who play the pieces differently and also register the organ differently. Besides, it is already, if one can inspire listeners for the organ music."

Stolen diaries of John Lennon discovered in Berlin

Stolen diaries of john lennon discovered in berlin

John lennon’s last diary ends on 8. December 1980. The entry from this day concerns an appointment with star photographer annie leibovitz. On that day, a famous picture is created of the naked lennon lying and embracing his clothed wife yoko ono.

In the evening of the same day lennon is dead, shot in front of his apartment building. The entry can now be read at the berlin police station, where the diary has been kept since the summer.