Esc’s race to catch up is not rewarded

Esc's race to catch up is not rewarded

They plowed, they toiled, they fought to exhaustion. Nevertheless, the "hawks" conceded of the ESC habfurt at the EC bad kissingen in the intermediate round of the ice hockey regional league a 9:10 (3:1, 1:6, 5:3) defeat.

The habfurter put despite a strong personnel monitoring an unbelievable morale on the day. And they scored five goals in the last twelve minutes in what was probably their most spectacular comeback in recent years, after conceding seven in a row beforehand. All the more annoying is the narrow outcome.

The coach praises his team

For the visibly dejected ESC coach martin reichert, who spoke of a "very bitter defeat" the only logical conclusion to be drawn on friday evening was: "i am proud of the team." They had "implemented exactly what we set out to do today". Everything that was in it, they gave. From front to back, from michael tscherepanow in goal to our defense to our outstanding goalies michal and jakub."

The conditions for a revenge two weeks after the 3:9 home defeat in the first leg were not exactly rosy. Without attackers georg lang and jan trubenekr, who are injured in the shoulders, david franek, who is ill, and max hildenbrand, who is presumably suspended for eight games (an appeal on the part of the ESC is still being considered), everything spoke against the guests. After all, one week after the cancellation of the game in moosburg due to illness, kissingen's player-coach mikhail nemirowksy was able to welcome all the "stars", including themselves, in the race. But lo and behold, the music was first played by the team from habfurt, who not only won the first period 3:1, but also took a 4:2 lead at the beginning of the second period.

It was only then that the leaders of group C began to turn their individual class into goals, with the hawks also losing ground played a great role themselves. "Unfortunately we had too many individual mistakes in the second third, that was our problem", reichert admitted. EC captain eugen nold, who comes from habfurt, scored seven times (he contributed the interim 8:4, 41.) and predominantly his eastern european teammates anton seewald, domantas cypas, alexei zaitsev as well as especially nikolai kiselev third, so that the fans from kissingen could enjoy themselves until 47. The team was happy to have a clear 9:4 advantage in the second minute.

At the last minute

But suddenly the "hawks" took over again more and more the command against more and more slackening home owners. Lukas-andreas thebus (49.), daniel hora (51.), jakub sramek (56., 57.) as well as michael babkovic with his altogether seventh scorer point on friday (59.) provided with their 5:0 run to the equalizer for loud emotional outbursts on the ESC substitute bench and especially in the fan block of this time only about 150 habfurter battle bummler. Nikolai kiselev, however, proved to be a "spoilsport": 33 seconds before the final siren, the 23-year-old russian not only scored his fourth goal, but also secured the three-goal victory for his team with a 10:9 score.

Of course, the exchange was made immediately after the final "K".O." Huge. However, the pride in the performance quickly outweighed the. "I can only compliment the way my decimated team played against the best team in bad kissingen", said reichert.


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