The bad kissing organ cycle is opened

the bad kissing organ cycle is opened

For three decades, the bad kissingen organ cycle has been an integral part of the cultural scene in bad kissingen. Thanks to a first-class organ from the renowned potsdam organ factory schuke, almost any organ literature can be interpreted. What drives city cantor burkhard ascherl to organize an organ cycle again and again??

"When you are on fire for organ music and you have such a beautiful organ, you don’t want to just stop, because there are so many different pieces for organ, and the organ literature is so rich. As an organist you have so many great colleagues who play the pieces differently and also register the organ differently. Besides, it is already, if one can inspire listeners for the organ music."

To get to know the organ outside of the familiar mass chants, to experience its fullness of sound, is a unique experience. This was also the case at the opening concert of the 31st anniversary of the. Bad kissingen organ cycle. "Organ hits from three centuries", high the motto. Burkard ascherl, who loves to play the manual of the schuke organ, had selected demanding works that were accessible to the listener and proved the bandwidth of the rough organ.

Johann sebastian bach’s "toccata and fugue in d minor BWV 565" is certainly is certainly the composer’s best known work. Even those who are not interested in organ music will recognize it by the seven notes of the opening, which also appear in many films. Georg friedrich handels "andante allegro" from the organ concerto "B-major op. 4. No. 6" can be called a popular hit, just like the famous toccata from charles marie widor "s "5. Organ symphony or louis vierne’s "carillon de westminster" op. 54.

Ascherl, a virtuoso on the organ, created worlds of sound full of surprises. There were the german composers, sober and cool, but driving, then the french, who created with their music true organ whirlwinds and bombastic sound worlds. Burkhard ascherl captivated the audience with his grand concert.

The history of organ cycles begins in 1988. Father illig, pastor of the jakobus church, suggested the restoration and partial reconstruction of the steinmeyer organ in the jakobus church. Regional cantor peter rottmann, who provided the musical framework for the sunday services there, then founded the "bad kissinger organ cycle" in 1989 brought to life. With a one-week interval, four organ concerts were on the program in the jakobus church.

When rottmann moved his activities to the munnerstadt area in the fall of 1993, he asked burkhard ascherl, who had just taken up the position of cantor at the herz-jesu-stadt parish church, to take over the organ cycle. For burkhard ascherl, this was a challenge, as he says. For the first concert took place in 1994 already after the blessing of the likewise new schuke organ in the herz-jesu-stadt parish church. Ascherl continuously expanded the organ cycle. The ten to twelve concerts he distributed throughout the year and recorded vocal and instrumental soloists. It is a balancing act for ascherl to find suitable organists and to put together a program that does not overwhelm the listeners, who are mainly guests of the city.

The cycle is self-supporting and has nothing to do with the herz-jesu-parish. All income, including that from his own concerts, goes into a pot from which the guest organists are paid, the city cantor emphasizes. The strong woman in the background is wife brigitte ascherl, a trained soprano. She partly helps with the organization of the cycle on a voluntary basis and also performs there as a vocal soloist. So she was on the spot this time, too, and changed the leaves so that her husband could concentrate on the notes and the game. One hand to play the melody, the other for the accompaniment and the fube for the bass. As a layman, watching this can make you dizzy.


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