Vdk women volunteers honored

Vdk women volunteers honored

The vdk women's representatives stand for a strong and solidary community and for the vdk motto "the future needs humanity". And that for many decades.
One of the first was frieda leyrer. 36 years ago. For 20 years, frieda leyrer worked wholeheartedly for the interests of vdk members. After a successful period of work, she handed over the office to kunigunde saam in 2001, who continued this support work with just as much heart and understanding until 2013. At that time, brigitte mauser declared her willingness to take on this responsible honorary position.

Flowers presented

"There has been a generational success in forchheim – that is exemplary", emphasized district manager maria stadter. At the caregivers' meeting in schlaifhausen, stadter was keen to say "thank you" to these three women to say for their energetic commitment in public and association work for the benefit of the members in the district. She did this with a floral tribute "because flowers speak louder than words", according to the district. Frieda leyrer was unable to attend due to health reasons. Barbel stief accepted the flowers on her behalf. "Without us women volunteers, the vdk would be missing a key feature", stressed stadter.
Around 60 women accepted brigitte mauser's invitation and came to the kroder inn. In her opening remarks, mauser was pleased with the unusually large number of visitors, which "represents a great confirmation of our work, which is of great importance and significance".
Deputy district chairwoman heidi fortsch reported on the meeting held on 22. April's newly elected district executive board and its responsibilities. She affirmed: "whoever holds an honorary office knows how much time one invests." Having an honorary office means being committed to the community. 


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