Lowe leon navigates the media jungle

Lowe leon navigates the media jungle

Munich – for a bicycle, a sewing machine – even a drill press in the workshop – children in elementary school have to get a driver's license. But do all these orientation aids actually still correspond to the reality of children's lives in 2009?? Who will show them the safe way across the information superhighway or through the chatroom scrum that has long proliferated in children's rooms?? Another brand-new driver's license takes over: the media driver's license.

A driver's license for the internet

On monday, the "medienfuhrerschein presse" – developed by the dortmund media experts mct for the bavarian newspaper publishers association (VBZV) – was presented to the bavarian state parliament. Why it is needed? "Unlike in the past, there is no longer a newspaper in every household," explained VBZV chairman andreas scherer. "There are many other and new media for this purpose."Children were guided through the shallows of the internet with the help of the shaggy media driver's license mascot leon. The project is part of the "media driver's license for bavaria" initiative introduced by the bavarian state government, which is intended to make children in the third and fourth grades fit for the media.

Lowe leon demonstrates surfing with heads

All elementary school students who participate in media education newspaper projects, such as "klar.Text in elementary school," can then also take the "medienfuhrerschein presse" exam. Just like a real driver's license, the children had to pass through various stations, explained scherer. Playful tasks involving the printed and online editions of the daily newspapers served as "driving lessons," and children had to pass a quiz and a research game as theoretical and practical examinations in order to receive their media driver's license.

Ministry of education emphasizes the importance of the project

"In today's world, you have to be able to deal with the media," said state secretary for education marcel huber (CSU) – and explained the dangers of the internet to the children with a comparison: just as you not only have to deal with brakes and pedals when riding a bicycle, but also have to be aware of traffic and its risks on the open road – the internet also offers risks that you have to prepare for as a participant in rough data traffic.

Project consists "pedagogical tuv

Ursula Schubler and ingeborg egner, who took their schoolchildren from bischberg and zapfendorf to the presentation of the media driver's license on monday, gave the new project the rating "valuable." "I think the media driver's license is an important thing," said ursula schubler. "They all know how to use the internet – it's just that it's often uncontrolled."Ingeborg egner agreed: "this media driver's license is very important for children in 2009, because it teaches them how to deal responsibly with the media."


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