Meedensdorf “Dorfratschen” are in the finals


It all started with grandma's old clothes: they were perfect for dressing up. That's why, after the death of her grandmother, they were not thrown into the old clothes collection, but rather onto the stage: "the fox fur, for example, is still in use today!", betrayal gerda hofmann. What she needed it for?

For the "meedensdorfer dorfratschen". That's what gerda hofmann and her sister claudia gunzelmann call the two figures marie and rettl, with whom they have long been known by all those who regularly attend the gala of the memmelsdorfer carneval club (MCC).

Now they set out to increase the "women's quota at the carnival in franconia." At any rate, according to gunzelmann, that is their declared goal. As the younger of the two sisters, she was the one who introduced the duo to "franken sucht den supernarr" registered.

The casting show of the bayerischer rundfunk, which is already running for the second time this year, has set itself the goal of finding newcomers for the "fastnacht in franken" to recruit. Five fools from each of the two semifinals advance to the finals, and the winner, chosen by a three-headed jury, finally wins a performance in front of an audience of millions in veitshochheim.

But still in the final
The village rats have already survived the semi-final, which was broadcast on bavarian radio last thursday – even if they didn't really believe in it anymore, when host volker heibmann announced the first four finalists one after the other in the comodie furth.

"Then we actually already thought, "well, now it's over", tells gunzelmann. But with their two-and-a-half-minute performance, they convinced the jury of katja wunderlich, bernd handel and martin rassau, and so they are on 24. January in the finale. Your remaining opponents will be determined on thursday, january 17. January.

Always there in the audience and backstage: their two men, who have been supporting their wives since the beginning, wherever possible. Whether it's tinkering with the props or critically assessing the new program – the sisters agree that it would hardly be possible without their strong support.

Even at their "home game on carnival tuesday in meedensdorf and at the MCC gala on 26. January in the seehofhalle, the proud former members will once again be sitting in the audience. And maybe the council of eleven will be able to bury the new french supernarren in their own hall…

The thumbs are printed in any case for the "own growth", according to jurgen rittmeier of the MCC. Gunzelmann and hoffmann have been performing at the annual carnival gala for twelve years now "have become big at the MCC and are now the top act", female rittmeier to report.

"You must perform!"
It all started at a private birthday party, the sisters tell us: for the birthday of their parents they brought their lives on stage. Among the guests was the local speaker of meedensdorf at the time. "He said that we had to perform in public!", gunzelmann remembers vividly. The sisters were skeptical, but nevertheless dared to give it a try. "We were totally surprised by our success", so hofmann. From then on the dorfratschen became a self-runner.

"But we do not want to go on forever", the older of the two sisters makes clear. "At some point it will die out if you perform too much and too often, and we still have a family and a professional life." But as long as it still makes fun, they want to continue. Also because the preparation of the programs, which usually last ten to fifteen minutes, keeps the two of them together: ideas are collected throughout the year, and the writing begins "about four to six weeks beforehand," says gunzelmann, says hofmann.

While the men are at the bar, the women are working on their texts over a glass of red wine. They are inspired by little anecdotes from the pub, but also by the rough politics: sometimes merkel, seehofer or steinbruck are made fun of.

Their parade roles on the stage are marie and rettl – two elderly waitresses who are already getting a little drowsy. The authenticity is assured, since gunzelmann and hofmann are themselves innkeepers' daughters and know how things are in french inns.

But whether they will be in the next round of "france is looking for the super fool" will also appear with kittelschurze and peruke? Or maybe there is still a surprise, especially for the finale? On 24. January all television viewers will learn more. At 9 p.M. On bavarian radio. Until then, of course, everything is top secret.

But for those who already know that the dorfratschen are the super jesters of 2013, they can vote for them in the audience voting – and win two tickets for the carnival in veitshochheim.


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