More playing space for kindergarten children in thulba

More playing space for kindergarten children in thulba

The church foundation was recently able to buy a private garden plot. This will allow for the creation of a separate play area for toddlers. The ideal conception for the complete aubengelande is very extensive. In the meeting of the municipal council it was discussed how this could be realized.

Bernd wald from the municipality’s building administration presented the different plan variants. There is one "ideal" solution and one as "zero solution version. The goal, according to wald, is for implementation to be somewhere in between. The costs for the "ideal solution" (german) including ancillary construction costs are estimated at more than one million euros. For the "zero solution the estimate is more than 800 000 euro.

This exceeds the originally submitted cost calculation. In the meantime, the road to the churchyard has been extended to create a complete bypass around the kindergarten area.

In order to save costs, as much of the kindergarten association’s own work as possible should be put into the design of the playground. Some of the design wishes are also to be fulfilled later. For example, the ball game area will not be built immediately. Planting could also follow successively. The municipal councils agreed that at least the earthwork should be done right away so that machines do not have to be used on the land later on.

Wald presented the further procedure to the municipal councils: first of all, the work for the development road is to be put out to tender. The landscape design contracts will only be put out to tender "when we know what specific services can be provided".

Forest also explained the current status of construction work on the kindergarten. So the substructure for the wooden boarding is largely finished. In the coming days the preparations for the screed work will follow. From 22. May then the screed is to be spread. Then more work follows. It seems that, contrary to plans, the kindergarten will not be ready right at the beginning of the new kindergarten year.


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