The museum herrenmuhle comes out of the visitor slump

It is not only visually that the city museum presents itself fresher. The acoustic backdrop of the vineyard on the first floor and the various screen stations appeal to the visitors’ senses in a more diverse way than before. The museum seems more alive. And in fact the business has become more active in recent months.

"Visitor numbers have risen significantly. The interest in the muhle has become coarser", says museum director elfriede bock on inquiry. This is also in line with the experience of the museum’s assistants. According to bock, the museum now also appeals more to families with children. She cannot yet provide concrete figures. The evaluation will run until the end of the calendar year. Then the result of the visitor survey is also available.

Since 1991, the exhibition in the herrenmuhle has been telling the story of bread and wine, the muller and vintner trades, and how both have influenced the history of the town. In the early days, the museum paid up to 4000 visitors a year. Since about the year 2000, the number of visitors has steadily decreased. Last time there were only about 1200 visitors. So it was time for a renewal of the exhibition. This was completed a year ago with an extensively celebrated reopening.

Connoisseurs of the museum landscape report that a new presentation always revitalizes an institution: curiosity automatically lures visitors into the exhibition. Maintaining this interest over the following years is the more difficult part for those responsible. A proven way to keep attracting attention is through temporary exhibitions and events.

In its first year, the city museum has kept to this task: with the works of walter graf, the third temporary exhibition is already on display in the herrenmuhle after the robert hofling memorial exhibition and the district exhibition on the subject of brucken.

The city museum has also started a monthly series with various events. This is to be continued in the coming year, as bock explains. Recently, the herrenmuhle has once again been used as a venue for weddings. Compared to the past, the museum is better equipped for this. Wedding ceremonies are now easier to organize. The offer should therefore be advertised more intensively.

This is new in the herrenmuhle the permanent exhibition about bread and wine has been de-cluttered. Now there is room for new explanation stations and for the use of multimedia. In addition, there are several areas that address the haptics or the play urge.

The museum considers children as a target group. Museum mice guide you through the exhibition.

The city museum has been given a fresh internet presence. However, even a year after the launch, this is still not complete. The menupoints for the baderturm and the treppenlauf are empty.


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