Less money for women

They work just as long, but get the short end of the stick when it comes to earnings: women who have full-time jobs in the habberge district earn around 760 euros less per month than their male colleagues. The food and hospitality workers’ union (NGG) has called for this on the occasion of international women’s day on 8 march. March pointed out. The NGG refers to current figures from the federal employment agency.

According to the study, the average full-time income of women in the habberge district is currently 2633 euros a month. Men with the same working hours get 3396 euros. That makes a difference of 22 percent.

Puppies find new home – but who pays?

puppies find new home - but who pays?

On saturday, the first three started their journey to their new home, and on sunday, another two. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas, the four havanese and the one cavalier king charles spaniel could leave the coburg animal shelter after eleven weeks. "There were around 80 inquiries", veterinarian joachim lessing tells.

He had the puppies examined, vaccinated, dewormed, so medically cared for. "When selecting new owners, we looked to see if there were other dogs living in the households that they could learn from." Because the puppies were separated from their mothers far too early and had to stay in quarantine for weeks because it was not clear whether they were burdened by diseases. "There were many deficits that could not be fully compensated for in the animal shelter despite all the efforts", added joachim lessing. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas were given away for a protection fee of 200 euros per dog.

In office: mayor Stefan Paulus

in office: mayor stefan paulus

K netzgau's mayor, stefan paulus, has been in office for just under twelve years and will step down on 15 january. Marz again in the running for the christliche wahlergemeinschaft (CWG) and SPD party alliance. His motivation: "I want to make a contribution to ensuring that the people in my community are doing well. I take great pleasure in this task. Our municipality has developed very well in recent years. Besides all these reasons, I just wanted to continue my successful work here."

Knetzgau will grow

The can be seen. School renovated, senior citizens' home located in knetzgau, village center spared, right up to the "black eagle" village project in westheim. Paul was anything but inactive. In the event of his re-election, the administrative specialist wants to prepare the municipality for population growth, which he expects due to knetzgau's good location and transport connections. The expansion of daycare centers, intelligent (and affordable) housing models, sufficient care places, water supply and wastewater disposal, sustainable concepts in traffic planning, and the integration of newcomers are on his agenda.

Crisis fund efsf earns money by incurring debt

Crisis fund efsf earns money by incurring debt

Belgium also joined the group of countries that are getting minus yields on their short-term debt. The heibt investors pay on it, in order to be allowed to finance belgium’s state budget in the short term. Euro crisis countries like spain and italy, on the other hand, must continue to pay high interest rates.

The combination of a low interest rate policy and ample liquidity provided by the european central bank (ECB) is considered to be the reason for the strong demand for securities issued by sovereign debtors with strong credit ratings. It makes it difficult for banks and large investors to find places to park excess funds, thus printing yields. Spain and italy also recently obtained fresh funds more favorably – experts nevertheless continue to view the situation critically.

Almost every second fears inflation

Almost every second fears inflation

Only 29 percent still have confidence in the strength of community preservation – a relative majority of 37 percent, on the other hand, no longer have much or any confidence at all. The mood has thus changed since the last survey in june, when optimists were still in the majority.

By contrast, the german economy continues to be seen as a rock in the fire. An unchanged 56 percent were confident about their future. 34 percent were also satisfied with their personal income, only 21 percent were dissatisfied, and a majority expect things to improve rather than worsen in the near future.

Protest against neo-nazi march in frankfurt

Protest against neo-Nazi march in frankfurt

More than 600 citizens blocked the city center for the neo-nazis with their rallies on saturday. The police were on duty with 1000 officers. Nearly 180 right-wing extremists had gathered.

"The right-wing extremists have been marginalized. They could only move around the city by side roads and sneaky paths. That’s exactly where they belong," said mayor martin wilke (no party affiliation). Police say no arrests made this evening. Except for minor scuffles, it remained peaceful. The officers did not take any action against the blockades.

Memmelsdorf prepares for the state garden show

Memmelsdorf prepares for the State Garden Show

If there is one thing that the castle and garden administration in bamberg fears, it is cold winters. All the more so since the orangerie of seehof castle is once again decorated with around 180 young bitter orange trees, just as it was in the days of the prince bishops. "Therefore, during the frost period in february, we were already worried that the heating system might not make it or might even fail", remembers bernhard schneider of the bamberg castle and garden administration. "But the gas heating system held out, so that the temperature in the orangery building did not drop below five degrees."

So that, in human terms, the citrus trees should not have suffered any damage, schneider describes the current situation in schloss seehof. Which is an important contribution of the bavarian locksmith and lake administration to the state horticultural show 2012 in bamberg – not to think if the sensitive orange trees had fallen victim to the frost. At present, they are being diligently tended by gardeners michael kummer and oliver laufer, so that in summer the historic ensemble of castle, restored orangerie-parterre and orangerie can shine in its former glory.