In office: mayor Stefan Paulus

in office: mayor stefan paulus

K netzgau's mayor, stefan paulus, has been in office for just under twelve years and will step down on 15 january. Marz again in the running for the christliche wahlergemeinschaft (CWG) and SPD party alliance. His motivation: "I want to make a contribution to ensuring that the people in my community are doing well. I take great pleasure in this task. Our municipality has developed very well in recent years. Besides all these reasons, I just wanted to continue my successful work here."

Knetzgau will grow

The can be seen. School renovated, senior citizens' home located in knetzgau, village center spared, right up to the "black eagle" village project in westheim. Paul was anything but inactive. In the event of his re-election, the administrative specialist wants to prepare the municipality for population growth, which he expects due to knetzgau's good location and transport connections. The expansion of daycare centers, intelligent (and affordable) housing models, sufficient care places, water supply and wastewater disposal, sustainable concepts in traffic planning, and the integration of newcomers are on his agenda.

When asked how the community should change in the next ten to 20 years, paulus describes his vision: the good things in knetzgau should be preserved and form the basis for further creative projects that emerge and grow together with the burghers. Thanks to a program of demands for village projects, there is extensive civic involvement and burgertreffs with a wide range of activities for young and old alike. Building areas were planned in a sustainable and flat-saving way. Agriculture and nature conservation can be reconciled. Despite the internet and social media, people met in the inns and the children preferred to play pigeons – despite fast internet connections. Road traffic has decreased thanks to carpooling, carsharing and opnv expansion. "Nevertheless, the car is no longer demonized, because the people here are dependent on it. Good traffic takes place on the rails", he concludes his wishful thinking.

Getting rid of parochial thinking

The 53-year-old attaches great importance to inter-community cooperation. However, it only makes sense if each participating municipality is prepared to put aside the unfortunately too often practiced church tower thinking.

When it comes to culture, paulus is a realist: "culture costs a lot of money, but it's money well spent, because a high-quality cultural offering has become an important factor for the location and the economy." Apropos: "we need another hotel in the county. With the realization of the main information center and the associated attraction, I see good chances of realizing this", paulus is optimistic.

Paulus, however, sees his community left to its own devices when it comes to maintaining knetzgau's indoor swimming pool: "the federal and state governments leave the municipalities to their own devices when it comes to maintenance and renovation.", he complains.

Thankful paulus for the many dedicated volunteers. Unfortunately, the honorary office becomes more and more "full-time" by bureaucratic hurdles and was so often no longer affordable.

And what will paulus do on election night? – "either congratulate or receive congratulations." 


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