Brose and bosch show their strength at iaa

Brose and bosch show their strength at iaa

Some concepts are so popular that they never fail to impress. Four years ago, the international motor show (IAA) in frankfurt was the place where the automotive supplier brose presented its contactless tailgate for the first time: the tailgate opened as if by magic by placing the fuselage tip under the rear apron of a vehicle. In the same way, after a fubkick under the rear, the trunk lid lowered back into the lock.

The comfortable tailgate can also be seen at the brose stand in 2013. No longer a novelty, but a trendsetter. The innovative system has received awards in recent years and is in great demand. "With this product, we have a bestseller. There are already twelve models from three manufacturers equipped with it", reported brose press spokesman jens korn.

In frankfurt, brose will also be showing for the first time how drivers can avoid pinching their fingers despite all the electronics: capacitive sensor technology for pinch and collision protection.

Electric emotions
Bosch shows a whole palette of automotive technology at the IAA. The focus is on products and strategies on the way to electric driving – all the way to the highly automated car. According to bosch, the internal combustion engine is not a charger. "Even compared to the 2012 level, fuel savings of 20 percent are still possible", according to a press release from the company. Nevertheless, bosch plans to have 30 series-produced electromobility products ready in just a few months. The rough market is not yet there, but is emotionally on the horizon, according to the bosch press office. Above all, the quiet sound of the engine makes for a new driving experience.

Bosch's advanced parking assistant, which uses remote control to maneuver the car into narrow garages, is not yet a reality. 2015 should be the year.

The brose course system, on the other hand, is already a reality and comes across as much lighter than other courses. According to brose, one example of a body-in-white weighs eight kilograms. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) makes it possible to save almost four kilograms in weight compared to aluminum.

Positive development overseas
Lighter and safer – this concept also determines the seat innovations from brose. The business area, which is based in coburg, had recorded the largest increase of 20 percent last year. But according to brose, the door systems (hallstadt) and the engine business (wurzburg) have also made significant gains. For the current year, the brose management is therefore aiming for growth of a further three percent. The target of 4.6 billion euros in sales is only an intermediate step for the coburg company. "We are setting ourselves realistic targets with a sales volume of over five billion euros by 2015", jurgen otto, chairman of the brose board of management, is convinced.

Sales in europe remain weak. But a globally active company like brose can compensate for this elsewhere. According to brose, the growth drivers for the group in the first half of the year were asia with a plus of 21 percent and north america with a plus of 17 percent.

Bosch is also optimistic due to good prospects. Sales in the automotive technology division will grow by around five percent this year, outpacing global automotive production, bosch boss volkmar denner said in frankfurt. Like brose, bosch is currently benefiting from growth in north america and especially in china. But denner also believes in a revival of the european market. "This is supported by the average age of cars, which has already reached a record high of almost nine years," said denner, said denner. By comparison, the average age in north america is currently as high as eleven years. "The increasing demand there can certainly be understood as a catch-up effect", according to denner.

Being where the market is booming – that also applies to brose. In 2012, the automotive supplier opened new plants in china, mexico and acquired a production facility in the united states. Brose will spend around 350 million euros on investments this year. The french locations also benefit from this. According to brose, 40 million euros will go to wurzburg, coburg will receive 55 million euros and 62 million euros will be invested in bamberg. Roughest single investment is the construction of the new administration building in bamberg.

Due to the positive development, the number of employees at brose also increased. At the end of june, there were a total of 21.000, including 1400 in hallstadt, 1800 in wurzburg and 3200 in coburg.


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