Court: paypal-agb with 80 pages not too long

court: paypal-agb with 80 pages not too long

Even if paypal’s terms and conditions are more than 80 pages long when printed out – that doesn’t automatically make them too long and invalid according to a court ruling.

German consumer users have suffered a setback in their fight for transparent usage rules with the decision of the higher regional court in colonia, also in the second instance.

The federal consumer association (vzbv), as the plaintiff, had not shown that the scope of paypal’s general terms and conditions was unreasonable, the judges ruled. It is necessary to take into account that the terms and conditions allowed the processing of a payment between five different persons. So in addition to the payer, the payee and paypal, banks and credit card companies could also be involved in it.

The association wanted to prohibit the paypal terms and conditions as incomprehensible and unreasonably long. He referred, among other things, to an evaluation with software that analyzes the comprehensibility of texts. The court, however, did not accept the reference to a "reasonableness index. For example, the use of foreign words could also be permissible if they were sufficiently explained. The verdict was already handed down on 19. February and was announced on friday. An appeal was not allowed.


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