Calendrical summer with a lukewarm start

Calendrical summer with a lukewarm start

Until then, however, there is still the threat of adversity. Meteorologists warned of heavy storms at night, tornadoes also not ruled out, ruppert said. "People, better stay at home," was his advice. "The weather situation has tinder."

Some regions of germany got a foretaste of what is in store after the heat on thursday: thunderstorms with heavy rainfall caused numerous fire department deployments.

For the night, meteorologists expected further movement – because the cold front of the low-pressure area "norbert", which is located over the north sea, moves from west to east – and thereby meets the gay warm air. "The energy stored in the warm air is then released," explained ruppert. Then tornadoes could also occur. Whether and where this would be the case could not be predicted.

According to him, the cold front should move from west/southwest to east/northeast in the course of the evening and arrive around 02.00 or 03.00 a.M. Reach the line from east frisia to allgau before moving eastward in the second half of the night. In the pack, meteorologists expected heavy rain, gales and hurricanes, as well as "coarse" hail.

Today, the spook is not quite over: in the eastern half of germany, there may be showers and thunderstorms at first, later it will be clear there – as in the center and the south of germany at times. The west and north are also threatened by showers and thunderstorms in the second half of the day – but not as severe as on thursday.

Temperatures, which reached well over 30 degrees in places thursday, ranged from 18 to 23 degrees in the west and 24 to 29 degrees in the east with moderate to fresh winds. In the mountains and near thunderstorms it can also be stormy. "Lukewarm, slightly unstable," ruppert called the weather. Little change expected for saturday and sunday.


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