Rotary helps locally and internationally

Rotary helps locally and internationally

More than 25.000 euro: the rotary club kitzingen was able to hand over a handsome donation sum to two donation recipients at the beginning of july. The money benefits people in kitzingen and the philippines.

Peter-michael himmel can easily smile for the photo: he can be more than satisfied with the donations that were collected for "his" project. Himmel is this year’s president of the rotary club kitzingen and was allowed to decide where the donations, which were collected at the traditional soiree at the beginning of the year, will go to. He had decided in advance for the new housing project of the lebenshilfe kitzingen and could now, together with gunter kittel, hand over a big check to lebenshilfe managing director manfred markert and the chairman of the board karl-heinz rebitzer. Over 11.000 euros in donations were collected at the soiree. The club added a little extra, so that the total contribution was 11,000 euros.111.11 euros was collected. "This represents a new record sum for the soiree," the club president is pleased to announce.

Three women and three men with disabilities live in a shared apartment in the new lebenshilfe housing project. Until now, they lived with their parents. "It’s their first home of their own," explains manfred markert. They go about their daily lives there independently, with all the consequences, rights and obligations. The lebenshilfe supports them, if necessary, with errands or leisure activities, and every now and then someone drops by. But actually life is like in a normal flat-sharing community.

That such a large sum was raised at the soiree was something he had not expected at all, says markert. "This helps us a lot."With the sum it was possible to buy two rows of cakes, lights, umbrellas and more for the accommodation in the settlement.

Like peter-michael himmel this year, his predecessor as president, dr. Georg lilly, at last year’s soiree, asked members, friends and acquaintances for donations for a relief project. He had placed the focus of the donation campaign on the kressbronn toril education program (KTEP) in toril on the philippine island of mindanao. The dentist from kitzingen has been there himself several times to support the people and has now been able to hand over a rough contribution from "his" soiree as well as from other donations. At the beginning of july, a total of almost 15.000 euros from kitzingen to toril.

This money will pay the monthly school fees for four students for five years. This increases their chances of finding a qualified job – which is particularly important in a region with a high rate of youth unemployment. The colleges train the young people for IT or business professions or train english teachers.

From languages woman dr. Lilly that the inhabitants there have many restrictions because of the corona crisis. "They are completely at home for three days, allowed to go shopping on three days, and not allowed out at all on sunday," he says. The colleges are completely closed by the lockdown in toril. "There is no infrastructure for homeschooling in the very basic huts of the poor schoolchildren," says georg lilly. To ensure that the school year is not completely lost, the project leaders have set themselves the goal of providing as many KTEP scholars as possible – as the required students are called – with a PC so that they can learn how to use a computer during their compulsory break. "They lack the playful learning on the computer that german children have been used to since their elementary school days," says lilly. "The basic PC equipment for the teachers who are to take over these lessons is also donated by the rotary club kitzingen."

Corona also hits the region hard. For employees in many areas it is difficult, they work from day to day. "Maids and employees in similar positions were the first to be thrown out," says lilly. "There is no such thing as our short work there. They have nothing."Rotary is currently trying to help with donations for rice collections, among other things.


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