New plans for old factory in untersteinach

In addition, it is planned to erect a further ten-by-ten-meter flat-roofed extension with an overlying terrace on the west side of the flat-roofed building of the former quilt factory in the basement.

Addition to the building planned
In addition, this part of the former factory is to be extended by a further storey with a flat roof and a size of 14 by twelve meters.

The area of this part of the building that has not been raised is planned as a terrace.

The municipal council took note of the corresponding building application and gave its consent to the building project. "A doctor's practice was also planned, but as things stand at present, this will not come to fruition.", said gottlieb winkler.

Edelgard fringes, owner of the "daheimsein" outpatient care center in untersteinach, has now expressed interest in setting up a day care center in the envisaged practice rooms. Winkler is quite prepared to create the necessary structural conditions for the project. Edelgard fringes explained the project together with gottlieb wnkler at the untersteinach council meeting.

The need is there
"There is a need for it. The untersteinach local council was buried it with view of the aging population, if this offer and their mechanism in the former traglauerareal come to carrying ", mayor heinz burges (SPD) and his councillors were delighted that the "daheimsein" care service had been commissioned by the city something like this is being considered.

The council unanimously signaled its basic approval. The concrete decision of the municipality about the building-legal agreement is to be made in the building permission procedure.


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