Rare signal box delays work at ebenhausen station

Two weeks ago, the work on the railroad station in ebenhausen came to a sudden standstill. The german railroad is currently investing around 5.4 million euros there. The interchange station, which is important for the district of bad kissingen, is to be made barrier-free by the middle of 2019. The unexpected construction stop has now caused speculation. "For many in the village it was a rough question mark. Why does nothing happen there", reports benedikt kebler, local councilor for ebenhausen and local councillor. The work had started in spring with high pressure, in a short time much progress had been made. "That’s why many people have wondered why suddenly nothing is happening on the construction site", he says.

The forced break is connected with a rare signal box technology that is installed in ebenhausen. Things that are necessary for operation, such as track closures, switches, signals and the safety systems for the railroad overpass, are controlled from the signal box. But first things first. So far, only the first track is accessible at ground level. Those who want to access the remaining platforms have to go through an underpass, but only stairways lead down to it. To make it easier for the disabled, cyclists and families with strollers to get to the trains in the future, the railroad is building a completely new underpass a few meters away.

Thereser glass art in melbourne

Thereser glass art in melbourne

Ulrike langer "you don’t get an offer like this every day." Master art glassblower olaf schonherr from untertheres is pleased. "So for me to be able to exhibit some of my latest artwork in australia is something quite extraordinary." That he currently does.

Olaf schonherr was one of two german artists selected by the "red moon contemporary art glass gallery", a gallery for contemporary glass art in melbourne, asked to exhibit nine works of art at the international exhibition "perspective to show. At the exhibition, which will be open until 10. July runs, 18 artists from all over the world exhibit their works. "You have selected nine objects from my work this year", reports olaf schonherr, for whom the invitation is also special because the gallery is a leader in lampblown glass.

Brose and bosch show their strength at iaa

Brose and bosch show their strength at iaa

Some concepts are so popular that they never fail to impress. Four years ago, the international motor show (IAA) in frankfurt was the place where the automotive supplier brose presented its contactless tailgate for the first time: the tailgate opened as if by magic by placing the fuselage tip under the rear apron of a vehicle. In the same way, after a fubkick under the rear, the trunk lid lowered back into the lock.

The comfortable tailgate can also be seen at the brose stand in 2013. No longer a novelty, but a trendsetter. The innovative system has received awards in recent years and is in great demand. "With this product, we have a bestseller. There are already twelve models from three manufacturers equipped with it", reported brose press spokesman jens korn.

Future of osram open after failed ams takeover

future of osram open after failed ams takeover

After the failure of the takeover bid by AMS for the munich-based lighting and sensor technology group osram, the battle for the company becomes a test of patience.

"We’ve invited them to talk and we’ll have to see what the result will be," osram chief financial officer ingo bank said of austrian sensor maker AMS to the CNBC channel on monday. AMS now holds 19.99 percent in osram. Initially, there was no response from the austrian company to the offer to speak.

Eltmann youth choir sets the tone

Eltmann youth choir sets the tone

The cantarella-actives, currently 27 young ladies and eight men, organized the birthday concert completely on their own, selected the songs, arranged rehearsal weekends, arranged for an impressive light technique and prepared a presentation, which ran in the background during the medley of melodies of a decade and the theme song of the 72-hour-action of the BDKJ. It became clear how much friendship has grown in this choir over the past ten years.

A sign of this friendship and enthusiasm for singing is also "cantatett". Ramona hauck, angelina oppelt, sarah scheuring and katharina munch, all four "old hares" of the youth choir, are no longer able to regularly attend weekday rehearsals of cantarella due to training and studies. But of course they still like to sing – and very well too, as they now prove as a quartet. On the anniversary evening they also had two performances with much applause – and the preparation for this concert as choir members they have naturally also timed in their schedule. As "cantatett they inspired among other things with "ex’s and oh’s" or "tears in heaven.

Eight seconds of traffic jam – more is not possible for left turners

"There is always a traffic jam because of a wrong traffic light switching!" Hans harress lives in beiersdorf and has contacted the tageblatt with this complaint: because of the closure of rodacher strabe (see text above), hans harress drives over callenberger strabe and the so-called gaudlitz junction when he wants to get to coburg south. At the gaudlitz intersection, it turns left in the direction of the B4. But he often has to wait a long time: "the traffic light is only green for eight seconds for left-turners."

Because the left-turn lane is relatively short, left-turners often block those who want to go straight ahead. There is one alternative route: through neuses to the so-called kaeser traffic circle and there onto the B4/north ring road. But this is hans harress too circumstantial and too far, as he says.