Eltmann youth choir sets the tone

Eltmann youth choir sets the tone

The cantarella-actives, currently 27 young ladies and eight men, organized the birthday concert completely on their own, selected the songs, arranged rehearsal weekends, arranged for an impressive light technique and prepared a presentation, which ran in the background during the medley of melodies of a decade and the theme song of the 72-hour-action of the BDKJ. It became clear how much friendship has grown in this choir over the past ten years.

A sign of this friendship and enthusiasm for singing is also "cantatett". Ramona hauck, angelina oppelt, sarah scheuring and katharina munch, all four "old hares" of the youth choir, are no longer able to regularly attend weekday rehearsals of cantarella due to training and studies. But of course they still like to sing – and very well too, as they now prove as a quartet. On the anniversary evening they also had two performances with much applause – and the preparation for this concert as choir members they have naturally also timed in their schedule. As "cantatett they inspired among other things with "ex’s and oh’s" or "tears in heaven.

As the "pride of our club the honorary chairman of the sangerlust eltmann werner singer described the youth choir cantarella during its jubilee concert on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of existence. The stadthalle was filled to capacity and the visitors were rewarded with a choir concert of the extra class. The young people under the leadership of sonja wibmuller presented a program with youthful verve, a lot of charm, but also fervor and devotion, which carried everyone away and was rewarded at the end with standing ovations.

The boys also have the courage to make individual appearances, by werner singer as "boygroup is called. Also lukas halpfer, peter marosky, jan rautner, dominik stapf, lukas wasser and lorenz zettelmeier ventured out of the choir and presented "stand by me, "photograph" and "honey, I "m good.

The "sangerlust, for decades this was a mannergesangverein with its flagship, the "doppelsextett. The association had been striving for a long time to open up, and the founding of the women’s choir in 1995 was a stroke of luck, according to werner singer and ursula bauer, who offered their congratulations on behalf of the executive committee. Soon there was a children’s choir, the wallburgspatzen, and when the first "spatzen" appeared, they were the first to perform rough were, a youth choir. In 2009 sonja wibmuller took over the leadership and in 2011 she succeeded in integrating the first young manner so that the choir could now sing in a completely classical four-part harmony. Classical songs are also part of the repertoire of "cantarella", but the conductor as well as the singers themselves also set completely new accents with gospels, pop songs and musical melodies.

In addition, there are small choreographies like the medleys from "grease" or the "glee" series.

Often become "cantatett asked to frame weddings or christenings – recently even a marriage proposal as a flash mob. That’s why many emotional songs are part of their program – after the break, however, they opened on saturday with "we will rock you". Gospels like "this little light of mine" or german christian songs like "ruckenwind" inspired the audience as well.

In addition to sonja wibmuller, sarah scheuring and clara viering are now also conducting. And katrin alka and lorenz zettelmeier led the audience through the program, which made great demands on their voices and stamina. Cantarella" is organized as a department of the sangerlust himself, head of department is jan rautner, who thanked on behalf of the choir sonja wibmuller and all who made the preparations and the execution of the jubilee concert possible. The band accompanying the choir at the anniversary concert was maria leitner, joshua zettelmeier, christian leitner, peter marosky, gisa leitner and hendrick thielsch.


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