Memmelsdorf prepares for the state garden show

Memmelsdorf prepares for the State Garden Show

If there is one thing that the castle and garden administration in bamberg fears, it is cold winters. All the more so since the orangerie of seehof castle is once again decorated with around 180 young bitter orange trees, just as it was in the days of the prince bishops. "Therefore, during the frost period in february, we were already worried that the heating system might not make it or might even fail", remembers bernhard schneider of the bamberg castle and garden administration. "But the gas heating system held out, so that the temperature in the orangery building did not drop below five degrees."

So that, in human terms, the citrus trees should not have suffered any damage, schneider describes the current situation in schloss seehof. Which is an important contribution of the bavarian locksmith and lake administration to the state horticultural show 2012 in bamberg – not to think if the sensitive orange trees had fallen victim to the frost. At present, they are being diligently tended by gardeners michael kummer and oliver laufer, so that in summer the historic ensemble of castle, restored orangerie-parterre and orangerie can shine in its former glory.

Additional tours

For the state horticultural show, the bamberg castle and garden administration is planning additional tours. "Initially, two dates per week are planned", explains bernhard schneider. The times will be announced at the information booths of the horticultural show. "We will see how rough the interest in the park and the cascade is", schneider leaves open whether there will be a third tour per week.

But the landesgartenschau will also be paid tribute to in other ways: the tour of the former summer residence of the prince bishops will also be possible on mondays during the main event. "Our staff will give up their usual museum day off for the summer", announces schneider. With it one hopes to come far enough to the visitors to meet.

First gross occurrence since 1975

After the – almost too late – purchase of castle seehof by the free state of bavaria in 1975, it is the first time that the castle, which has been renovated within the limits of its possibilities, can present itself again for a major event. "Accordingly, the preparations that have been made by us", says schneider with regard to both the building and the gardens. Above all, the largely faithfully restored orangery parterre was able to give a rough audience an interesting insight into the efforts of the furstenhofe to be able to offer visitors a variety of culinary delights north of the alps as well.

Those who are willing to follow the sculptures from seehof will reach the heart of french tuscany – the ell valley. With an international symposium of artists, the communities of memmelsdorf and litzendorf have shown the way to the already existing art trails around lohndorf.

Cycling to art trotting

According to alexandra klemisch from the bamberg district office, they are to form a further station for the state horticultural show as a showcase for contemporary art in the open countryside. Art lovers will certainly get their money's worth there. Who wants to get the necessary information about the more than 50 sculptures, can do this in the context of guided bike tours. They will also be offered from the information pavilion of the state horticultural show and include all parts from the french strand of sculptures of the initiator ad freundorfer to the art and contemplation path of robert hofmann to the project "flur und kunst of the office for rural development upper franconia. The atelierhaus freundorfer is also available for guided tours.


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