Researchers from erlangen show that gambling makes you healthy

Researchers from erlangen show that gambling makes you healthy

The oldest defense battle on earth? This has nothing to do with germanic heroes or roman legions, but with the battle of the immune system against invading pathogens – for example, in chronic inflammatory diseases such as gout, crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The learning game "game in flame" shows the causes of these illnesses, what they trigger in the body and how medications work. It was developed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and researchers from medical clinic 3 – rheumatology and immunology – under professor georg schett of the university hospital erlangen and the friedrich-alexander-university erlangen-nurnberg. Now the spab is also available as a free app for ios and android systems.

Disclosures on control

Millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases. These occur when the immune system successfully fights an invader, but the fight escalates. The result: inflammations get out of control and damage their own bodies.
The game in flame – previously available as a free browser version and now also as a mobile app – explains how the immune system normally acts against pathogens and what goes wrong at the molecular level when a chronic inflammatory disease is present.

The challenge is to fight against malicious urine crystals, to strategically position immune cells, to skillfully use drugs as weapons and to reload them at the right moment. A spab for at home and for the waiting room.

Therapy success is increased

"In the long term, our goal is to use the game to raise public awareness for the treatment of diseases such as gout, morbus crohn's and asthma. It is intended to raise public awareness of early symptoms in order to enable early diagnosis", explains professor schett. "This not only increases the success of the therapy, but also sustainably relieves the burden on the healthcare system."




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