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When gerhard muller, deputy forestry manager in nordhalben, talks about the sense of "helping in the forest-one thing quickly becomes clear: this is not just any old cell phone gimmick, but a tool that has been prepared over a long period of time and has been developed from practical experience. The new app is now available for download on all major portals. It should help to guide rescue services or fire departments to the scene of an accident in the forest as quickly, easily and purposefully as possible. For this purpose, 134 rescue meeting points have been set up in the kronach district alone, which are signposted but can also be found via the app.

Preserved concept

The new system was invented back in the 1990s by the state forestry service, as muller explained at the presentation of the app and the signage in mauthaus. During an operation in the forest, the question arose: how does the ambulance get to the injured person?? Based on daily experience, meeting points were therefore identified. The forestry workers are given these route markers during their work assignments so that they can call for help quickly in the event of an accident. "The system has been well preserved. We have been working with this for years", emphasizes the deputy forestry manager.
Now the next step. The rescue meeting points should also be made accessible to the public. Whether private forest owners, hikers or mushroom hunters, everyone should benefit in the future in case of emergency. The solution for this is an app called "help in the forest" is to be found.
"There is a rough network of salvage points", muller explains the purpose of this app. This network not only extends beyond the district of kronach, but can be used throughout bavaria. "When the location function on the cell phone is switched on, the smartphone tells you which point is nearby. This can be reported to the emergency call center."
Benjamin baier of the ASB kronach district association confirms the sense of this offer. In his experience, when a rescuer is on the move in an unknown land, that's when the problems begin. And in case of emergency, every minute counts. "The railroad has a similar system for its routes", according to baier. In his opinion, this also confirms the sense of embedding the unmistakably named meeting points in a system that is accessible to the public.

Successfully managed

"We have used it many times before, it works perfectly", muller is pleased with the test runs so far. And the signs also give a good feeling to the accident victims and possible first responders. "You know you are in the right place." Andreas kubrich of the BRK agrees: "it works perfectly in the forest."
The idea for an app and for uniform signage in our region was no easy task.

Preparations are underway

"Our forestry operation alone had 52 signs for which we had to determine 52 installation sites", says muller, who thanks the municipalities and building yards for their rough support. For the individual sites, it was also necessary to first obtain permission to set up the trees. "And for each of the signs had to sign a contract", added senior forestry officer dirk luder from the office for food, agriculture and forestry. "That was a run!"
The most important thing now is to get the whole thing out in the open, emphasizes alexander schlee, master forester at the rothenkirchen forestry operation.
This point was also emphasized by the political representatives. "You have done a great job, which can be a great help for people", district administrator klaus loffler (CSU) states to the forestry people.
"The link with the integrated command center, it's all so professionally done." The whole concept is simply strong.
Mayor gerhard wunder (CSU/steinwiesen) suggested that the signs should possibly be provided with a barcode for app download and that people should be intensively informed about the meaning of the signage.

Concrete example

His mayoral colleague norbert grabner (SPD/marktrodach) recalled a case where he had already wished for such an app. At the time, the helpers were sent to the wrong of two friedhofs in search of a trapped person, he said. In his opinion, it is far too easy for mistakes or confusion to occur with such location information. "With the app you now know exactly: that's where I have to go."


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